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Look no further!

Unveiling HT School, India’s smartest education initiative from the pioneering media group, Hindustan Times. Join the HT School bandwagon to supplement your child’s academic excellence with real-life skills and the competitive edge that will set them up for success.


Where Imagination Meets Education

Imagine taking learning out of the four walls of the classroom. Imagine a virtual world where students can discover their real potential. Imagine a safe space where life skills matter more than rote skills. Imagine an education platform where parents, teachers, schools and corporates come together to unleash the creative energies of your child. Unveiling HT School, India’s smartest education initiative from the India’s most pioneering media group.


One School With Six Dimensions

The idea behind HT School is to chisel all the six dimensions of learning—intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual and vocational.

HT School has something for everyone!


Students get to explore the joy of 360° personality development.


Parentsget to spot, nurture and track their child’s latent talents.


Teachersget to collaborate exchange knowledge with their peers.


Schoolsgain an opportunity to discover a whole new world of skill enhancement.


Trainersdiscover a marketplace to impart their knowledge.


Corporatesfind an ecosystem to ignite young minds.

The HT Learning Playground

HT School is a one-stop solution to meet all your extracurricular needs and assist in the holistic development of your child. The platform promotes a fun learning experience and is sure to instil a love for learning in your champs, while exposing them to a whole new world of endless possibilities, where they are the decision makers.
HT School is way beyond schooling. It gives wings to students in ways that were unimaginable.

Here are some fun stuff that you can look forward to:


eNewspaper for KidsA great way to expand your child's mental horizon


Editor’s DeskA forum to keep your kids abreast of the latest happenings


Virtual Cultural ProgrammesAn online, interschool competition for talent discovery


Life Skill CoursesA platform to build leadership, public speaking, storytelling, negotiation, entrepreneurship, and other life skills


Career MateAn initiative that helps your child make informed career decisions through reliable psychometric tests


Hindustan OlympiadOlympiads to challenge your child’s scholastic abilities


Code-a-thonA super competitive environment to learn coding and showcase programming skills


HT ScholarshipsAn initiative to recognise and reward the brightest young minds

Join Us To Build Tomorrow's Future, Together.