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04 Ananya Nipun Rajan Delhi
05 Annika Mandal Haryana
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08 Vivaan C Delhi
09 Zara George Maharashtra
10 Aadhyaa Aravind Shankar Karnataka
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crack the code to healthy food!!

It makes a world of difference when kids understand the food they eat. While food can be a lot of fun in itself, children appreciate it more when it’s sprinkled with interesting facts. While the aroma of their favourite food makes kids drool, watching their kids savour a plate of healthy food is every parent’s dream!

What better way to relish food than through an engaging quiz that’s designed to strengthen the parent–child bond?

The Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2022, an initiative by HT School and Slurrp, is a nationwide tag-team championship that focuses on eating healthy with loads of fun. The kid and the parent will form a team to crack the code to healthy food and win exciting prizes!

About Aptivate

Kids are fireballs of energy who love being on their toes throughout the day, and it is of utmost importance that they consume a nutritious diet. However, kids may be fussy when it comes to homemade food, and that’s where Lupin's Aptivate syrup comes to the rescue!

Lupin's Aptivate syrup helps children enhance their health and overall-wellbeing by naturally boosting their appetite. This formulation, created from 100% Ayurvedic ingredients, also improves immunity and naturally increases energy levels in children.

Aptivate is enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients that stimulate your child’s hunger for home-cooked meals and helps strengthen their immunity. Created by experts, and endorsed by childcare specialists across the country, Aptivate contains Guduchi, Amla, Pippali, and six other key Ayurvedic ingredients to improve children's well-being.

Watch the TVC for Clues Aptivate Syrup | Bachon ki achchi Bhook jagaye naturally + Immunity badhaye

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Aptivate: An Ayurvedic Way to Improve Your Child’s Health and Appetite

One cannot stress enough the importance of nutrient-dense food for not only our body but our overall well-being. Various studies have time and again pointed out that nutritious meals also promote emotional well-being in children. In fact, kids who eat more than five portions of fruit and vegetables each day have better mental health than others.

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Date Finale: November 5, 2022 (10 am - 11 am) Win Prize Prizes worth ₹ 2.5 lakh up for grabs! Digital Certificates for all participants
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Grades 1 to 6
Finalist Teams
Child + Parent
Quiz in English
40 Quizzer Awards
Participation Certificate for all

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PRELIMINARY ROUND (Sunday October 30, 2022)
FINAL WITH 150 TEAMS (Parent + Child) (Saturday November 5, 2022, 10 AM - 11 AM)
40 Quizzer Awards
₹2.5 Lakh Worth Awards Participation Certificate for all Participants

Registered participants will win gift vouchers worth ₹5000 every week and stand a chance to be featured on the Wall of Fame.

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Acchi Bhook quiz 2022 Finalist

The Event by HT School was very enriching. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The Aptivate syrup helps in improving the appetite and is a natural immunity booster. It also tastes good and has immensely helped my child to gain weight. Moreover, it acts as an immunity booster which is so important in times like today where children face with so much pollution and are exposed to impurities around.

Manira Sharma mother of Aryaman Sharma,
Std. 5, Our Lady of Fatima Sr. Secondly School, Aligarh

The session ‘Acchi Bhook’ by HT School was very informative. I learnt a lot of new things about diet and the importance of eating healthy. The session taught me that the most important thing to take care of is health. The syrup is very tasty and has improved my digestion and health. I like it, it doesn’t taste like a medicine.

Akshat Kumar,
2 A, M.L KhannaD.A.V Public School, Dwarka Sector-4

The theme was awesome and it was a great event. My daughter really enjoyed the Quiz. HT School has given an opportunity for my daughter to enhance her knowledge about food . I would like to extend my gratitude towards Institute and also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue. My Daughter in her toddler age, has not been eating anything except milk. A friend told me to give Aptivate syrup to increase appetite and she loved its taste. Gradually her appetite increased. Now she is eating everything. We would definitely recommend it to others as well

Asha Singh mother of Vidushi Singh, 1A,
Apeejay School Noida

The Quiz session was so great. It was knowledgeable as well as an eye opener. I and my daughter loved attending it. As a parent, it was really great to see initiatives like this carried out by HT School. It is a fun experience and at the same time it was a good opportunity of learning as well. With Aptivate Syrup I also experimented to make healthy food which looked good and was tasty too. My child’s diet has increased and I am so grateful for it. Well done team! I am really thankful.

Neha Pathak, mother of Parthvi Upadhyay, 2,
Suraj School Sector-77, Gurugram

Rules and Regulations Aptivate Achchi Bhook Contest 2022

  1. Participants of Aptivate Achchi Bhook contest 2022 need to register themselves on the HT School portal for the event. If a participant does not register and participates in the Selection Round, his/her entry will be disqualified.
  2. Participants should provide a valid email ID and mobile number at the time of registration. This will be verified using a One Time Password (OTP).
  3. The email ID used for registration should be used throughout different levels of Aptivate Achchi Bhook contest. Using a different email ID will lead to disqualification.
  4. Participants should NOT register more than once for Aptivate Achchi Bhook contest. Registering more than once using different email IDs and attempting the quizzes using different IDs will lead to disqualification.
  5. The decision of the proctors and quizmasters appointed by Hindustan Times Media LTD will be final and binding. Participants can register a grievance with the proctor / quizmaster either during or after the event, but the final decision will be made by the quizmasters only. Except for grievance registrations the participants shall have no recourse.
  6. Participants who engage in disruptive behaviour, such as purposely distracting the quizmaster or triggering opposition team members can be removed from the competition at the discretion of the quizmaster.
  7. In case of any legal dispute, all disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi, India.
  8. The Selection Round is an individual round comprising both Multiple-choice and Type-in questions. Participants will have 60 minutes to complete the quiz.
  9. Participants are advised to NOT attempt the selection round more than once and only use their registered ID. Attempting the quiz multiple times or using an unregistered email ID can lead to disqualification.
  10. Participants are advised to not open multiple tabs or switch between tabs during the selection round as this may slow down the system and make it difficult for the participant to participate effectively.
  11. If a participant falls out of the platform during the quiz owing to legitimate reasons, such as a power cut or internet connectivity issues, they are advised to re-login to the platform using the same username. Such participants are requested to send an e-mail to detailing their problem at the earliest, so HT School can validate their claim and not disqualify them on the ground of multiple attempts.
  12. Participants should submit their answers as soon as they finish answering. While the answer typed in will be submitted once the timer runs out, the participant will lose on gaining points awarded for timing.
  13. Participants need not focus on spellings. The system is calibrated to accept words that are close in spelling to the answer.
  14. HT School or Lupin Limited shall not be liable for any claim in relation to the Aptivate Achchi Bhook contest.
  15. Decision Hindustan Times Media LTD will be Final
  16. It will be an online quiz with Prelims and Finale which will be a team quiz with minimum one parent and one child ( from Grade 1 to Grade 6)

Who can participate in the Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz?

Any student studying in Grades 1 to 6 can participate along with a parent.

Is the Achchi Bhook Quiz an individual event or a team event?

The Achchi Bhook Quiz is a team event, where a child participates with a parent in the Preliminary Round and the Finale.

lWho will host the Achchi Bhook Quiz?

The Achchi Bhook Quiz will be hosted by Quizzing Legends, Dr. Navin Jayakumar and Avinash Mudaliar.

What happens if I start the quiz and I get logged out due to technical / connectivity issues?

If you fall out of the platform during the quiz owing to legitimate reasons, such as a power cut or internet connectivity issues, you are advised to re-login to the platform using the same username. You are also requested to send an e-mail to detailing the problem, so HT School can validate your claim and not disqualify you on the ground of multiple attempts.

Can I register for Achchi Bhook School Quiz if I am living abroad?"

Yes! You certainly can. All you need to do is, in the Registration Form, select the option ‘Others’ for both City and State. If you face any issues with OTP verification, please write to the HT School Support team at or give us a ring at +91-95133-19722..

Who can I contact in case of any queries?

For any queries, please write to the HT School Support team at or give us a ring at +91-95133-19722.

What is the format of play in the Achchi Bhook Quiz?

  • The Achchi Bhook Quiz will be hosted entirely online.
  • The Preliminary Round will be a 60-minute, team round (child and parent) comprising 30 questions, in the Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) and Type-In formats. The Preliminary Round will be conducted on a quizzing platform.
  • The Finale will be conducted on Zoom with the Quizmasters, Dr. Navin Jayakumar and Avinash Mudaliar.This round will comprise 30 questions, in the Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) and Type-In formats.

Can I participate in this quiz with a relative or a friend?

The Achchi Bhook Quiz is for a child and a parent.

What are the topics that will be covered in the Achchi Bhook Quiz?

This Quiz is a Food Quiz that will cover topics from world cuisines, science behind food, different types of diets, food and nutrition, food sources, food facts, food groups, ayurvedic foods, food and health, history of food, and the origin of food.

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