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All Things Living

Have fun drawing animals and humans in their natural, personified and comic forms!

2,100+ GST
  • Age Group 7–9 years
  • Course Duration 6 weeks
  • Session Duration 60 minutes
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 6 Sessions
  • Frequency Once a week
  • Course Valid till Forever

All Things Living

About The Course

    We see so many living beings around us! In this course, we will cover human faces and animals! Kids love animals! So, you can imagine the excitement when they’re able to draw them! Imagine your kid showing you an independently made drawing that you don’t have difficulty deciphering. That’s how amazing our technique is!
    In this course, we will teach kids to draw animals from across the world; some of which may be familiar to them and some that they have never heard of. They will complete their animals with a proper setting and background, keeping in mind the basic rules of drawing a proportionate, well-placed animal. Kids will have fun exploring animals not just in their organic shapes but personified and in their cartoon forms as well—A coyote in a city; a Llama dressed up for a fair; an exotic, colourful Macaw—the possibilities are endless! We will also cover familiar faces and help kids express emotions through art.
    This course will comprise all elements of drawing, such as proportions, balance, perspectives, placement, expressions, motion and so on. We only use basic mediums for colouring—crayons, pencil colours, chalk pastels, colour markers or brush pens, as we focus on colour theory and related concepts.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for students aged 7–9 who are looking to enhance their expressive abilities, break free from inhibitions and have fun!

Course Objectives

The All Things Living Course will help you:
  • Divide complex images into easily recognizable shapes
  • Assess the start point, proportion and placement of the drawing on paper
  • Enhance your visual abilities
  • Increase observation and independent thinking skills
  • Develop the confidence to express and deliver individualistic ideas


  • Session 1 / 6


  • Session 2 / 6

    Mom Face

  • Session 3 / 6

    Llama Dressed for the Fair

  • Session 4 / 6

    Big Words - Expressing Emotions with Words

  • Session 5 / 6

    Horse Face



Young Rembrandts

EdTech Company

Young Rembrandts, which was founded in 1988 by Bette Fetter in the United States of America, has been pioneering in the field of art education for the past 33 years. At Young Rembrandts we do more than just draw! We focus on intellectual development, fine motor skills, creative outlets, academic performance, social development and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Young Rembrandts teaching method and curriculum offers a form of brain-based learning that is crucial to the wholesome education and holistic development of modern minds. Young Rembrandts aims to nurture a younger generation of artists by helping them express their thoughts and imaginations through art.