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Photography SELF-PACED

Photography Lessons by Dabboo Ratnani

What better than to learn the techniques for a great shoot from the Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Daboo Ratnani? Taste his secret sauce…

999+ GST
  • Age Group 10–18 years
  • Course Duration 5 hours
  • Session Duration 10 minutes
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 35 Sessions
  • Frequency Self-Paced
  • Course Valid till Forever

Photography Lessons by Dabboo Ratnani

About The Course

    In his first-ever online class, Dabboo Ratnani, the iconic Fashion Photographer teaches his signature lighting techniques, camera settings and fine art compositing to help you capture iconic photos.
    He practically shows his entire fashion portfolio shoot and shares his secret sauce for outdoor, indoor and mobile photography.
    In this course, Dabboo Ratnani also shares his journey from an Assistant Photographer to an iconic Celebrity Photographer. He also shares how he got his first big assignment.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for students aged 10–18 who are passionate about photography and want to learn the techniques for a great shoot from a celebrity.

Course Objectives

The celebrity Photography course will help you:
  • Choose the right camera and lenses
  • Choose the right backgrounds and effects
  • Choose the right photography accessories
  • Gain exposure to outdoor, indoor and mobile photography
  • Understand styling, costume and make-up
  • Understand digital post processing
  • Take great photographs


  • Session 1 / 35

    My Journey

  • Session 2 / 35

    What Makes a Great Photograph?

  • Session 3 / 35

    How to Choose the Right Camera?

  • Session 4 / 35

    How to Choose the Right Lens?

  • Session 5 / 35

    How to Choose the Right Lens for Different Types of Photos?



Dabboo Ratnani

Fashion Photographer

Dabboo Ratnani is a Celebrity Fashion Photographer known for his annual calendar.