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Electronics Maker

Love tinkering around your house? Learn the concepts of electronics, and build 70+ DIY electronics projects using the Inventors Toolkit provided with this course.

1,499+ GST
  • Age Group 11-15 years
  • Course Duration 12 hours
  • Session Duration 1 hour
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 12 Sessions
  • Frequency Self-Paced
  • Course Valid till Forever

Electronics Maker

About The Course

    We are surrounded by machines that work on electricity—from the ceiling fan to the microwave, the electronic water heater to the television; they are everywhere! It is almost impossible to live without these electricity-dependent equipment.
    Have you ever wondered how these machines work?
    The answer is electronics! Electronics is the study of the components that, when combined together in the right way, lead to the manufacturing of such wonderful and helpful devices and appliances that you see and use every day.
    In this course, you will learn the very basics of electronics. You will be exposed to concepts, such as resistance, conductance, types of circuits and Ohm’s law, which are the building blocks of the electronics industry.
    You will also be practically introduced to advanced topics, such as hybrid circuits, logic gate circuits, transistors and light sensors, and their applications.
    In this course, your learning is not limited to videos. You will receive an exciting Inventors Toolkit that you can use for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Build 70+ fun electronics projects that will help you explore the wonders of the world of electronics.
    Some of the projects include:
  • Smart Home
  • Table Fan with Speed Controller
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Tester Circuit

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for students aged 11–15 who are curious to know how electronic projects are designed and are keen on using their knowledge of electronics to solve problems and build simple electronics projects.

Course Objectives

The Electronics Maker course will help you:
  • Understand the fundamentals of electricity
  • Gain a deeper understanding of circuits, in terms of their scientific working principles
  • Comprehend how electronic projects are designed and tested
  • Gain hands-on experience in designing, implementing, fault-finding and troubleshooting electronic projects
  • Understand how the knowledge of electronics can be applied to build application-based projects
  • Build 70+ DIY electronics projects using the Inventors Toolkit


Introduction to the World of Electronics

  • Session 1 / 67

    Introduction to the World of Electronics

  • Session 2 / 67

    World of Electronics

  • Session 3 / 67

    Basics of Electricity

  • Session 4 / 67

    Types of Electricity

  • Session 5 / 67

    Building Your First Circuit



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