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Mindfulness for Agility, Well-Being and Peak Performance

Learn practical techniques to build self-confidence and master the art of mindfulness!

4,499+ GST
  • Age Group 13–18 years
  • Course Duration 3 weeks
  • Session Duration 60 minutes
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 6 Sessions
  • Frequency Twice a week
  • Course Valid till Forever

Mindfulness for Agility, Well-Being and Peak Performance

About The Course

    The Mindfulness for Agility, Well-Being and Peak Performance course serves as a unique program for students who wish to excel in their teenage years, amidst changes, challenges and academic and personal stress. While it is normal to feel sad and worried from time to time, these feelings can stick around for longer than expected and become distressing and uncontrollable and affect everyday life, relationships, health and self-esteem.
    Fortunately, these early signs of anxiety and depression in adolescents are treatable, and those who seek help, recover quickly & completely. This course will teach you practical techniques to manage feelings of stress, worry and a gloomy mood while helping you build self-confidence and practice the art of mindfulness in everyday adolescent experiences. In addition, you will be exposed to mindful habits, practices and routines, such as mindful eating and mindfulness exercises, to help you lead a stress-free, healthy and happy life!

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for students aged 13–18 who are battling negative emotions and want to live life to the fullest, in terms of excelling and achieving personal and academic goals.

Course Objectives

The Mindfulness for Agility, Well-Being and Peak Performance course helps you:
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve academic performance
  • Identify the causes of stress in your life
  • Discover personalized, mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques
  • Practice mindfulness meditation
  • Learn to thrive in interpersonal relationships 
  • Develop mindful habits
  • Discover your goal and purpose in life


  • Session 1 / 6

    Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Session 2 / 6


  • Session 3 / 6

    Your Ideal Self

  • Session 4 / 6

    Developing Mindful Habits and Practices

  • Session 5 / 6

    Developing a Mindful Routine



Srishti Asthana

Mindfulness Trainer, Eclectic Psychologist, Mental Health Advocate

Srishti Asthana is an Eclectic Psychologist, Mental Health Advocate, Social Worker, Public Speaker and Practicing Psychologist, with extensive experience in group interventions, training programs, self-healing and awareness workshops. She has conducted sessions in leading educational institutions, such as Ramanujan College, Indian School of Home Economics, Lovely Professional University, and organizations, such as NTPC, NSPCL and TATA Power. She is a practicing Counsellor and has provided interventions to 100+ clients, guiding them and helping them overcome life's challenges. She has been extensively working towards raising awareness on mental health issues through her social media platform, "Words of a Psychologist.” She has also written articles for The Hindu, The Economic Times and India News.