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Portraits and Human Figures

Learn what it takes to draw portraits like Frida Kahlo and van Gogh!

2,100+ GST
  • Age Group 10–15 years
  • Course Duration 6 weeks
  • Session Duration 60 minutes
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 6 Sessions
  • Frequency Once a week
  • Course Valid till Forever

Portraits and Human Figures

About The Course

    What comes to your mind when you think of Portraits and Human Figures? Is it a cobbler sitting under a tree or a person washing clothes by the riverside? It most probably is not. In this course, we’ll cover topics that you can relate to—a boy on a skateboard; a group of girls in a cheerleader pyramid; a rock band; portraits of leaders, authors, and artists from across the world and so on. 
    We’ll cover several concepts, such as realism, distortion, cubism, abstract art, modern art and pop art. You will also learn the technique to draw any portrait and human figure.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for 10–15-year-olds who want time off from academics to have fun drawing portraits and human figures.

Course Objectives

    The Portraits and Human Figures course will help you:
  • Break down complex images into easily recognizable shapes
  • Assess the start point, proportion and placement of the drawing on paper
  • Build vocabulary and art terms, including exposure to global topics       
  • Enhance visual and auditory abilities
  • Increase time-on-task, observation, and independent thinking skills
  • Develop confidence to express and deliver individualistic ideas


  • Session 1 / 6


  • Session 2 / 6

    Crazy Masks Girl

  • Session 3 / 6

    Faith Ringgold

  • Session 4 / 6


  • Session 5 / 6

    Terry Fox



Young Rembrandts

EdTech Company

Young Rembrandts, which was founded in 1988 by Bette Fetter in the United States of America, has been pioneering in the field of art education for the past 33 years. At Young Rembrandts we do more than just draw! We focus on intellectual development, fine motor skills, creative outlets, academic performance, social development and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Young Rembrandts teaching method and curriculum offers a form of brain-based learning that is crucial to the wholesome education and holistic development of modern minds. Young Rembrandts aims to nurture a younger generation of artists by helping them express their thoughts and imaginations through art.