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Résumé Writing and Interview Training Workshop

Writing a résumé that stands out and cracking interviews are key to finding the right admission/job/internship/leadership position. Ace these skills in this training workshop!

5,999+ GST
  • Age Group 14–18 years
  • Course Duration 5 hours
  • Session Duration 2 hours
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 2 Sessions
  • Frequency Twice a week
  • Course Valid till Forever

Résumé Writing and Interview Training Workshop

About The Course

    This training workshop will help you hone your people skills and present the best version of yourself in both spoken and written formats. The first session is a two-hour workshop that will help you create the perfect résumé. You will be provided with résumé templates that will help you create your own résumé.
    The second session is a two-hour workshop that will prepare you to face digital and in-person interviews with confidence and flair.
    Following the completion of the workshop, you can register for a live, unscripted interview with a Communication Expert from our team. Please note that you will have to register for the interview, within a week of completion of the workshop. It’s a fabulous chance to put your learnings into practice and learn real-world skills that will help you succeed!
    You will then receive a recording of your interview as well as feedback on your résumé and interview sessions.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed to help students aged 14–18 create résumés, prepare for interviews and face the world with confidence.

Course Objectives

The Résumé Writing andInterview Training Workshop will help you:
  • Create a professional résumé
  • Understand the skills involved in cracking interviews and securing university admissions, internships, jobs and school leadership positions
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Build confidence


  • Session 1 / 2

    Xtraprep Session 1

  • Session 2 / 2

    Xtraprep Session 2




EdTech Platform

Xtraprep by Xtraview is a learning program for high-school students that empowers them with skills to succeed in the real world. Xtraview was founded in 2020, by Katherine Ernst Mehta, an education advisor, and Kavitta B Bedi, an entrepreneur. Through personal experiences, they realized that there must be a better way for students to demonstrate who they really were beyond school marks, test scores, college essays and application forms. This realization led to the inception of Xtraview. 

The team at Xtraview comprises educators, entrepreneurs, communication specialists, ace interviewers and expert assessors. Our mission is to empower students to showcase their unique X factor, allow academic committees to gain an extra insight to every child’s personality and give every student an equal, unbiased opportunity to seize their dreams and succeed. In short, Xtraview is a platform just for you to share who you really are, in your own words.