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The Happiness Wizard (Basic)

Learn the secret to happiness—identifying your emotions, being empathetic and socially conscious and having a balanced emotional self.

500+ GST
  • Age Group 10-12 years
  • Course Duration 5 hours
  • Session Duration 20 minutes
  • Completion Yes
  • Sessions 12 Sessions
  • Frequency Self-Paced
  • Course Valid till Forever

The Happiness Wizard (Basic)

About The Course

    Students with higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can better manage themselves and relate to others around them. This helps develop self-motivation and communication skills, which are crucial in helping you become a confident learner. On the other hand, students who score low on EI are often less connected at school, which negatively affects their performance in the classroom. Such children often do not know how to manage their emotions, such as stress, anger and failure.
    Research has proven that children with high EI or Emotional Quotient (EQ) earn better grades, stay in school longer, make healthier choices, are more co-operative and make better leaders in the classroom. There is also a relationship between EQ and bullying, with EQ education initiatives seen to help prevent bullying. What’s more—having a high EQ is a greater predictor of career success than having a high IQ. This means individuals with high EQ are more valued by employers looking for candidates who can complete work and get along with people in progressively collaborative workplaces.
    This course will take you through the process of understanding your emotions and coping with stress and anger to become a team player and a self-confident and an empathetic individual.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for students aged 10–12 who are low on confidence and desire to develop a strong personality and be self-confident.

Course Objectives

The Happiness Wizard (Basic) course will help you:
  • Understand basic emotions and different complex and mixed emotions
  • Learn the importance of being emotionally intelligent
  • Help you recognize and express your emotions effectively using the methods and tools discussed
  • Use these methods to improve your thoughts and behaviour and become an Emotionally Intelligent person


Know Your Emotions

  • Session 1 / 12

    Know Your Emotions (Part A)

  • Session 2 / 12

    Know Your Emotions (Part B)


Naming the Emotions

  • Session 3 / 12

    Naming the Emotions (Part A)

  • Session 4 / 12

    Naming the Emotions (Part B)


Emotional Intelligence

  • Session 5 / 12

    Emotional Intelligence (Part A)



Rakhi Softa Sharma

Mentor & Personal Growth Coach

Rakhi is a John C Maxwell - Mentor, Personal Growth Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Speaker, Life Skill Expert and DC Psychology Level Four Trainer, accredited by AIOBP, USA and Advanced CEDA, Behaviour Analyst (Extended Disc) and a Mastermind Sessions Facilitator.

Her specialization in human behaviour combined with coaching and prior learning of breaking barriers, cultivating trust and creating synergies have impacted people across different genres of life.

Rakhi started her journey as a professional 23 years ago. Thereafter, having worked with several large corporate organizations, she started her journey as a trainer in 2006.