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NEW DELHI Nov 12, 2021 19:30

Insidious online trends youngsters fall prey to

The internet has been taking the world by storm, making things easier and more convenient for kids and adults alike. However, it is also a place full of harmful trends that youngsters often easily fall prey to. One of the most harmful internet trends is social media influence. Children often don’t realize the insidious side effects of social media practices and might need a reality check from time to time. For example, the cinnamon challenge that was trending for a while involved not drinking water for an exact minute after intaking a spoonful of cinnamon.  

Consumption of cinnamon can often lead to severe dehydration to the extent of lung damage. Thus, one can understand how dire the consequences can be. Another challenge that surfaced on the internet was becoming a catfish, that meant stealing someone else’s identity to lure others. Instead of doing good, this has been proven to result in noticeable reduction of kids’ self-esteem.  

Another disturbing online trend is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that started on Instagram. It happens when youngsters feel left out. They constantly see their friends leading attractive lifestyles, which, in turn, severely affects their mental health. YouTube has also become a go-to destination for youngsters to solve their day-to-day problems instead of referring to experts. They become victims of inappropriate content and fall prey to unreliable YouTube sensations. Last but not the least, youngsters also end up binge spending on apps. They are lured by loyalty points and rewards that are all over the internet, in the hope of making some pocket money. 

NEW DELHI Nov 11, 2021 18:30

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a summarized business proposal, a concise presentation featuring its goals, market value and growth prospects. The objective is to present the start-up idea in front of prospective investors and convince them to fund your project. Nowadays, pitches are delivered in the form of pitch decks that are online visual presentations such as PPTs and PDFs, the templates of which are available in the digital domain. Pitch decks are full of information and include contents such as problem, solution, marketing plans (USPs), business model, buyer information, competition, team, capital and so on.

NEW DELHI Nov 10, 2021 21:30

How to choose the best course for your budding coder

Before enrolling youngsters in a coding course, there are certain factors parents should consider. First and foremost, the credentials of the faculty are significant as the teachers are the ones who will guide your aspiring coders. Therefore, it is important to check their background, experience and knowledge. Secondly, the student-teacher ratio is also important as coding batches with a limited number of students learn better because the teacher can give them all equal attention and address their queries better. Moreover, a teaching method that focusses on active learning and is student oriented is also an important feature of a good coding programme. An ideal coding course should also provide access to additional help, such as free learning resources, especially for the ones who learn at a slower pace or have missed a session or two. Finally, for a new-age skill like coding, scope for creativity and innovation is optimum. Hence, a good course should also provide similar opportunities to students that will in turn help in their holistic growth.

NEW DELHI Sep 22, 2021 12:30

Significance of educational toys in game-based learning

The last generation used to engage in game-based learning like hopscotch, langdi and so on, that promoted skills like team-building, collaboration and resilience. Educational toys nowadays have the same approach with the introduction of game-based education in the classrooms. They help students to develop conceptual understanding of various subjects alongside boosting their emotional and psychological health. These toys help the teachers understand the levels where their students are and how to motivate them to do better. In fact, the NEP 2020 focusses on the merits of gamification in the domain of digital learning. According to Verified Market research, in 2018, game-learning platform was valued at 444.1 million USD with targets to reach 3959.4 million USD by 2026. So, it is evident that the Indian education sector along with the entire world will gradually shift towards these game-based platforms. It is thus time to include these within the school curriculum. Watch this video to hear Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, Principal, CNM School & N.D. Parekh Pre-Primary School, Vile Parle talk about the role of educational toys in game-based learning.

NEW DELHI Sep 21, 2021 19:53

Influence of Covid-19 on education

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unexpected transformation of the education sector in India. The educational institutions all around the country were forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, bringing forth these changes. Schools had to adopt alternative methods of teaching their students within a very short span of time, as digital learning became a significant and mandatory medium rather than a mere option. As this virtual education gradually unfolded, several online learning platforms also emerged in order to continue imparting education. These digital learning spaces started offering both free as well as paid learning resources to students of all classes, few examples being MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. Although initially there were a lot of obstacles, soon educators as well as students started adapting to this new normal. Some believe that this overnight shift to virtual learning without proper training has led to degrading experiences which do not facilitate proper growth, while there are others who believe that online learning has opened many new gateways of learning.

However, post pandemic, a new hybrid model of education infused with technology is believed to appear that is presumed to reap multiple benefits. The new normal has made teachers aware that they are mere mediators and not the source of knowledge. There are thousands of other sources like online text books that are readily available and is just a click away. The entire objective of the education sector has shifted from large scale examinations to development of holistic skills. Nowadays, focus is more on social interaction, collaboration, creativity, and above all problem-solving through coding, AI, and learning foreign languages. Thus, we can say that this pandemic has stirred an epiphany that the conventional (offline) medium of imparting education doesn’t work effectively in the fast-changing world. Watch this video where Dr. Nicholas Correa, Executive Director, New Horizon Public School, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, talks about Covid-19 pandemic's influence on education.

NEW DELHI Sep 09, 2021 20:00

What is a candlestick chart? A school student explains

Stock market is rarely a topic of discussion among kids. However, Vivian Varshney, a class VII student of Podar International School, Mumbai, is an exception. He loves to analyse and invest in stock markets. In one of our earlier videos, he shared his learnings and experiences in this field. In this video, Vivaan talks about an interesting feature of stock market: Candlestick chart. After explaining what it is, he moves on to show us how to read this chart. This youngster spends around 45 minutes every day in studying stock market and analysing 40 stocks. He is also learning about financial statements and balance sheets. Watch this video to know more about the different features of stock market from Vivaan.

NEW DELHI Sep 09, 2021 18:30

Why skill integration in curriculum should be a top priority

Skill integration is very important in this 21st century. Children who develop more and more skills will automatically be more successful in life, as they can explore different career options depending upon the skills they have. Not only books, students will pick up these skills extracurricular activities too. The ideas developed can be later on materialized in life to achieve bigger life goals. Schools across the country are slowly incorporating this skill integration system within their curriculum to help their students become versatile in life. The 21st century kids are already well-versed with technology and if they learn multiple skills, their chance of success in the future goes up rapidly. The skill integration system has also become a necessity amidst a new education policy that clearly mentions that students studying in class VI and above must have added interests and talents, alongside academic knowledge. This means, when students learn something as part of their curriculum, they also need to implement it in real life. Watch this video where Mr. D. P. Guleria, Principal, BCM School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, talks about the necessity of skill integration within academic curriculum.

NEW DELHI Sep 08, 2021 20:00

Animation: A promising career option for today's kids

Animation is one of the most preferred career prospects for youngsters in recent times, courtesy, all the popular animated movies around. The common role performed by the animators are - creating special effects for advertisements and video games. The different types of animations include: 3D designing, hand-drawing and creating computer-generated images. The essential skill required to pursue animation is a sound knowledge of technology. Along with this, a strong sense of creativity and visualization is also mandatory in order to find a decent job in this field. The different industries that hire animators include radio and television broadcasting, software publishing, character-sketch for books and films, video industry incorporating 2D and 3D creations and technical consulting firms. The educational qualification required to be an entry-level animator is a BA degree in the field of animation while some companies even employ people with certificate courses or an associate degree in designing. Aspiring animators should equip themselves from a young age by pursuing courses in drawing, 3D programming, computer graphics and video editing.

NEW DELHI Sep 08, 2021 16:00

Why peer learning is crucial for students

Peer learning is one of the best learning pedagogies available today because students interact and learn from one another to achieve a sound educational objective. Cognitive psychologists believe that peer learning is applied by teachers within the mainstream educational framework for maximum learning benefits. Peer learning teaches students the art of both cooperation and collaboration. It imparts the qualities of being a team-member as well as leadership capabilities among students.

Peer learning can happen inside the classroom or across different classrooms (cross peer learning) where senior students and council members can go across teaching junior classes. When students become teachers, they understand the process of teaching and learning, and realise the amount of knowledge they exchange with their peers, by gaining some and imparting some more. This is how the students also become seasoned and independent learners. Hence, peer learning has been rapidly becoming popular in classrooms, wherein students participate in both formal and informal situations. That is why, educators around the globe are thus encouraging peer learning that will in turn enable students to become life-long learners. Watch this video where Ms. Priyanka Bhatkoti, Principal, Maxfort School, Dwarka, talks about the benefits of peer learning.

NEW DELHI Sep 08, 2021 14:30

Meet Vivaan, a student who loves to invest in stock markets

Online gaming, making new friends on social media and engaging in sports are a few of the most popular activities of millennial kids. But some of them grow up with different choices. Take Vivaan Varshney for example. This class VII student of Podar International School, Mumbai, has been studying and investing in stock markets for the last three months. What he finds fascinating about them is that different investors have varying outlooks about the same company and how their opinions influence their decision of buying or selling shares. Share price movements and valuation are some of the aspects of stock market that he finds exciting. While studying stock markets he started with the basics: Technical analysis and chart reading. In this video, watch Vivaan sharing his learnings and experiences about the stock market.