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NEW DELHI Nov 01, 2021 11:30

The rise of virtual learning and its consequences

Artificial intelligence has been projected to be the biggest trend in the near future. Now, with students primarily receiving education online, virtual learning will help groom this generation to be better equipped with the theoretical and practical understanding of artificial intelligence.

Young learners possess a competence with technology and virtual learning which is not as prevalent in the older generation. They have been able to adapt to virtual learning with more ease as compared to teachers due to their technical proficiency. Virtual learning has also proven to be a boon for them as technical tools used by teachers such as videos, graphics, etc. make classes more fun and interactive.

However, its negative consequence cannot be overlooked. There is a lack of human connect between students and teachers as well as a potential of using technology wrongfully. Also, it is important to consider the strata of society that is deprived of access to technology.

The ubiquitous presence of technology in our future is undeniable, hence, it is crucial to have a willingness to adapt to it and keep up. Watch this video to hear Ms. Himsi Bhatia, headmistress of Ryan International School, talk about virtual learning, its importance as well as its pros and cons.