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Adjusting to online learning: A big task for everyone involved

By Urvashi,

Parents should also be directly involved with their kids' online classes.

Involvement of parents helps their children create and stick to a routine, writes Urvashi, TGT Mathematics, Adarsh Public School, Bali Nagar.

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically brought a change as to how the world used to function. A significant impact of this transition can be seen in the education system globally. The relationship between this pandemic and education is still developing.

Schools and colleges are shut down. In such a scenario schools and colleges are using online mode of teaching as now it has become the only option for the students to take classes.

Adjusting to this drastic transformation was a huge task for the students and the teachers but it was equally difficult for the parents. To handle household chores, their professional commitments, and online classes of their child have become the new routine for parents.

But why should parents be a part of their kids’ online classes? Why does it seem necessary for parents to sit along with their kids while they go on studying online?

Let’s discuss some of the significant reasons that require the parents to get involved in their kids’ online classes.

1. Involvement of parents helps their child create and stick to a routine. Work together with your child to create a schedule which works for them, atleast they will attend the classes properly under your supervision.

2. Stay connected with the class teacher and subject teachers. It will help you know that how your child is performing in the class and they can also advise you on which tasks your child should focus on.

3. Try to keep positive behaviour towards your ward’s online learning, then only they will see you as a motivator. It will also help you in making bonding with your child.

4. Along with helping them in online classes , involve them in some physical activities like sports, dance, yoga etc. It will help your child stay healthy mentally and physically both.

5. Give extra attention on your ward’s diet. This also helps your child remain fit and healthy.

Educating in an open environment like the home, children can watch behaviors in their parents. If parents push online learners to remain committed and work hard, parents must reflect this in their own behaviour. Children are apt to adopt behavior they feel beneficial. Setting a similar pace and expectation in whatever a parent’s emphasis to a child’s learning pattern can build work styles and expectations for a student to follow.

We are really happy to see that majority of the parents of the students of our school are doing a great job with their children. Either it is a class activity or inter-school competitions parents are giving their hundred percent efforts.

Without the love and support, a student can’t succeed in life.

Urvashi, TGT Mathematics, Adarsh Public School, Bali Nagar. Views expressed are personal.