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Importance of extracurricular activities in a student's life

By Dr. Umesh Kumar Chhikara,

Extra-curricular activities spark a more rounded development in students.

Extra-curricular activities can shape up the personality of a student to a great extent, writes Principal Dr. Umesh Kumar Chhikara.

The abstract idea of a student’s growth has always been a matter of challenge for the education department. The notion behind every new theory incorporated by the educators is the need to inculcate good habits, bring physical growth, enhance inherent skills, increase the capabilities and polish the students holistically. Keeping the same in mind, the teachers explore new avenues to get students onboard with their own interest. In the absence of interest and passion, the efforts are turned futile but on the other hand a passion for an activity doubles up the effect.

Academics with the textbooks, concepts and theories in a traditional way is to be replaced by innovative ideas and technology to break the monotony and help the students in self-discovery. Extra-curricular activities with an encompassing impact enable the students not only in unleashing their talents but also in enabling them to flaunt their abstruse skills they might not be aware of. We can arrange for a number of activities under a number of clubs, houses or platforms to let the nascent minds take a tour and find their latent interests.

We can encourage the students to stumble and try all the activities in order to explore themselves. Let them answer the question, “Are you passionate and talented in any one specific area or you can be a master in a variety of fields?” Both ways they will be able to reach a decision to choose their area of interest and that might even become a career choice in future. 

Schools provide the students with a lot of exposure by arranging a number of activities, workshops, seminars and competitions. They generally cater to multiple learning models to cover interpersonal, intra-personal, musical, kin-aesthetic, visual, mathematical and linguistic needs of the students. While designing a planner, we try to touch the chord of the basics and try to prioritize depth over breadth. An array of self-learning, hands-on, DIYs, self-discovery and peer-to-peer activities puts them in a brain storming situation where the students are not only able to create newness but also come up with wonderful ideas to solve the problems.

Such an edge-sharpening learning is not possible by going into the books and writing the answers. To make the students independent, practical knowledge is a must.

The New Education Policy has also laid emphasis upon the need to incorporate competency-based learning so that the young impressionable minds can understand, learn and apply the knowledge in their lifelong journey. Involvement of the students is a necessary element to attract their absolute attention. For that, a teacher plays a crucial role in showing the path to tread on a right-activity-track. Participate in the activity whole-heartedly, put in sincere efforts, develop skills and become a leader in future. If taken diligently, these extra-curricular activities can shape up the personality to a great extent. 

Parents can easily catapult their off springs into well-built citizens by nurturing the passions of the children at the right time and in the right way. They should join hands with the school and encourage their wards to participate in the activities conducted by the school. Their support will give wings to the imagination and roots to remain grounded with their culture. 

Dr. Umesh Kumar Chhikara is the principal of S.D. Public School, East Punjabi Bagh. Views expressed are personal.

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