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Board Exam: Create a study schedule that is realistic  

By Aditi Misra,

Taking 25-30 minutes study break after every 2 hours is essential to rejuvenate.

Attempt sample papers and practise all possible worksheets and assignments to feel confident about the concepts you are most nervous about, writes Aditi Misra.

Dear students of classes X and XII,  

Your board exam is about 4-5 weeks away. Some of you might be anxious, some worried and others scared. As somebody, who has been in the field of education for more than three decades, let me assure you that you have no reason to worry. Generations of students have been through these exams. They have also been worried and stressed out, but eventually everybody reaches the goals they have set for themselves.  

My first piece of advice would be to choose the subject which you like the least. There is always one subject that you are not fond of. Even the subjects you like might have a topic or a concept which is not very dear to you. So, pick up your notebooks and start reading that one module thoroughly. Attempt sample papers from the ones available online, practise all possible worksheets and assignments that you can, so that you feel confident about the concept you are most nervous about.  

My second piece of advice is that if you have misplaced a worksheet or an assignment has been left undone, go through it, as it is your ‘ammunition’. ‘Ammunition’ here means your notes, assignments, sample papers, etc. which you have written throughout the year. If you don’t have it, reach out to your friends, seniors and teachers and fill these gaps.  

Make a schedule! That’s my third piece of advice. A schedule should always be honest and doable. If you plan to wake up at 6 am and practice Math from 6 am to 11 am, you know well it’s not likely to happen. So why make a schedule which is illogical or difficult to follow, as then you end up breaking it. You break it once or twice and then your schedule is not a schedule anymore. So, waking up at 7 or 7:30, chatting a little with your mom or siblings, going for a walk, having breakfast and finally sitting down to study by 8:30 would be more practical. You can study the subject of your choice at whatever time you decide.  

My next piece of advice is, give yourself a break at least 25-30 minutes after every two hours. This break should not mean watching television because that would strain your eyes. So, a good form of relaxation may be pranayama or chatting with somebody who can de-stress you. Taking power naps during breaks, can also help in feeling rejuvenated. Some may read a book; some may just listen to music or dance or go for a walk. My only advice is, not to get down to a video game or TV because it is not going to help you relax.  

Sometimes parents are seen questioning their wards, “Are you taking a break again?” I will request parents to not make such comments. Children should take breaks when they want to. I believe that classes X and XII are grown-up children and know that these marks are going to help them in future. They conscientiously set goals for themselves and work towards them. Thus, our job as adults is to empower them and help them reach wherever they aspire to.  

These are time management skills. If you don’t make a schedule and do not tick mark what you have done, you may end the day by being unsure of what you have actually completed and how much is left to be done. Lastly, do not leave anything for the last moment. There is still ample time. Trust me children, 5 weeks is a long enough time for you to revise, once or even twice before your exams, and it'll help you feel more confident and empowered. I hope these tips help you to study better, prepare better and eventually do better. God bless all of you. Best of luck! 

Aditi Misra is the Director & Principal of DPS, Sec. 45, Gurugram. Views expressed are personal.  

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