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Board Exam: Here’s how to ease the anxiety of students 

By Dr. Rajesh Hassija,

The fear of assessments usually plagues the students, not the assessments themselves!

We, as educators, prepare and equip our students to face the challenges, which come disguised as assessments, writes Dr. Rajesh Hassija.

Assessments and examinations have been an integral part of any training and learning, since time immemorial. They not only serve the purpose of testing the skills that a pupil may have learnt, but also act as a catalyst to boost the confidence and hence, prove instrumental in holistic development of the personality. Assessments are, in a way, the first step towards conquering the innate fears and rising above all the odds.With the dark clouds of pandemic giving way to the rays of hope, and a promise of new dawn, the importance of assessments has increased many folds. 

However, it is observed that the fear of assessments usually plagues the students, not the assessments themselves! Hence, it is the fear of assessments that we all must conquer.  

It was the test of his archery skills as well as his psychological strength, which Arjuna cleared with more than flying colours, when he accurately hit the bird’s eye. Abhimanyu, too, proved that he had conquered all forms of fear when he entered the Chakravyuh, when most of the warriors feared to do so. Our history, our scriptures are replete with examples of people who spent infinite pains to gain knowledge, to learn skills and then, appeared in assessments to prove their learning.  

The relationship between a guru and a shishya has always been cemented by the performance of the pupils in the assessments devised to test their learning. A world without the conduct of examinations/ assessments will be a chaotic world, with no real distinction between the learned, and not so learned. Assessments are what which distinguish an educated person from a literate one.  

While we, as educators, prepare and equip our students to face the challenges, which come disguised as assessments, it is imperative that the parents, too, pitch in their unstinted support. The perfect tripod of parents-students-teachers can ease out every anxiety and can prepare learner well to face any & every assessment.  

With the Term II CBSE examinations for classes X and XII round the corner, to ease out the worries, I suggest the students must ensure that they: 

  • Set goals for themselves to achieve. It is the power of goals that would keep them motivated enough to work hard and perform well. Dr. Kalam’s famous quote, ‘A dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep’, is most appropriate here. 
  • Set a time-table. The schedule of the timings help students to focus on subjects that need more attention and also ensure that this time-table must include timings for relaxation, too.  
  • Take ample sleep, especially the night immediately prior to the examination. This ensures relaxation of the mind and boosts the confidence. 
  • Get rid of the clutter, both physical & emotional. The clutter attracts negative energy, while a clean and tidy study area exuberates positive vibes. 
  • Stay physically active. Being physically active ensures the energy is channelised in a positive manner.  
  • Build a team of co-learners. When we learn together for the purpose of reinforcement & assessment, we are better prepared and we are much at ease. The team is able to identify the individual learning challenges, and helps individual learner to prepare well.  

Last, but certainly not the least, it is the support of the parents that works as a booster dose of confidence and would ensure a stress free & anxiety less environment at home Let us prepare our children to face the challenges, in all forms, sizes and types, successfully. Let us help them understand that the purpose of assessments is not to test what they do not know, but to test what they know and are confident about. 

Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Director, Indraprastha International School, Dwarka. Views expressed are personal.

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