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Galapagos Pink Iguanas are now critically endangered

By HT School,

In 2009, pink iguanas were declared to be different than land iguanas.

Pink iguanas found in Galapagos are different than the land iguanas found in the same region.

The pink iguanas of Galapagos are now critically endangered with only 211 of them remaining. The last few remaining of these large tropical lizard species were discovered by 30 scientists and few Galapagos Park rangers near their original habitat, an archipelago near Wolf Volcano, north of Isabela Island. From the estimated population, 53 were captured from the surface of the water, according to the Galapagos National Park officials. This species is essentially herbivorous, and are solely found in this region. These pink iguanas were first found in 1986 and in 2009, they were declared to be different than the land iguanas found in the same region. The animal is mostly threatened due to volcanic eruptions, periodical draughts, invasive rats and certain feral cats. Charles Darwin is said to have visited this island that is located west of Ecuador and is a home to several species of floras and faunas. Previously, this region has surprised the scientist community, when in 2019, a giant tortoise was discovered that for so long was thought to be extinct.

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