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Interesting facts about ancient Arctic dinosaurs

By HT School,

Here is an insight into the evolution hypothesis attached to the discovery of Arctic Dinosaurs.

Research study shows evidence of the evolution of ancient dinosaur species in the Arctic region

Dinosaurs, both large and small have lived and thrived in the arctic region making it their year-round home. The findings from a research study of excavated fossils from a remote region of Northern Alaska have revealed some of the wintering strategies of the species, including hibernation and the growth of insulating feathers. Furthermore, this posed a question about the survival of ancient reptiles in hot climates. Researchers had found the species at the polar latitudes in the 1950s. Patrick Druckenmiller, the lead author of the University of Alaska Museum, identified the species under a microscope after collecting multiple samples. 

The discovery of the species suggested that they are duck-billed along with horned ones like the ‘ceratopsians’ and the ‘tyrannosaurus’. The research has also suggested that the dinosaurs sit between the evolutionary juncture of cold-blooded reptiles and warm-blooded birds. The site of the discovery is said to be in a steep bluff on the Colville River on Alaska’s North Slope. The prince creek formation, north of the arctic circle has given a crucial understanding of the creatures. The study is the first to show evidence of 7 creatures capable of nesting at extremely high latitudes.

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