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Choose the right career path for yourself

By HT Correspondent,

Jitin Chawla, founder of Center of Career Development, talks about a wide range of career avenues .

Starting from AI and ML to Fintech and Kinesology, career coach Jitin Chawla discusses about new-age job options.

Choosing the best career option the can be a challenging task and more so, when there are too many avenues to look into. In order to make the right choice, one needs to have the right information about all the relevant options. In an interview with HT School, Jitin Chawla, founder of Center of Career Development, talks about a wide range of career avenues in science cyber security, computational biology and more.

What are the emerging careers in sciences?
The top five emerging careers for PCB (medical) are Computational Biology, Computer-aided drug design, BSc(LLB), Kinesiology and Health Informatics. The top five careers in PCM are Computational Linguistics, Cyber Security, Fintech, Data analytics and Ai/ ML/ IoT.

What is the need for Cyber Security professionals?
Due to the digital shift from physical interaction to online purchasing, online banking, and easy access to internet-enabled devices, we are prone to more online attacks than ever. The student will learn how government, military, corporate, financial and medical institutes defending themselves against such attacks.

Can you please tell us the difference between Computational Biology and Computational Linguistics?
While they do sound similar, they are two very different subjects. Computational Biology is a study of using computer algorithms and quantitative models, to predict the incidence of a particular disease. Computational Linguistics includes Psychology, Language and Computer Science to study computer algorithms to analyse and predict how individuals converse and speech patterns.

Should students start considering AI, ML and IoT early on?
Yes, AI and ML is already being used in our daily life in the form of text correction and prediction in emails, mobile messages, while IoT is available in smart appliances. Going ahead, they would used more, focusing on the automation of commonly used appliances.

Isn’t Fintech related to Finance? How can a technology student enter the financial sector?
Yes, Fintech is the study of creating and using technological software to assist decision making and processing of Financial Services. Banking is the biggest user of Fintech. Technology students can be hired by Financial Institutes, Foreign and Indian Banks, Fintech Companies, and any other organisation that deals with any kind of monetary transaction to help create and manage financial gateways.

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology studies the mechanics of human movement and how they impact our health and well being. Due to the evolving work culture, carefree lifestyles and consumption habits have started taking more stress, forgetting to take time off, and relax our minds and bodies. Kinesiology identifies stress, in our muscles and uses relaxation techniques to release tension.

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