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"Our mission is to bring education to each and every kid in every city, village and town” 

By HT School Web Desk,

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Aditya Shankar, the co-founder of Doubtnut, talks about the educational platform’s collaboration with HT for the Hindustan Olympiad.

“Doubtnut and HT are on a journey to revolutionize India’s education system,” says Aditya Shankar.

Hindustan Times is all set to start its nationwide initiative, ‘Hindustan Olympiad’ in March 2022. The last date of registration is 7th March. Regarded as one of the world’s largest Olympiads with a legacy spanning over 6 years, Hindustan Olympiad has been a unique platform for students around the country to compete on a national level. It is a two-tier online examination which allows students to assess their competence in a range of different subjects, and provides a detailed assessment report at the end of it.  

This year, 'Doubtnut', a popular online learning platform, has become the official partner of HT Media for this mega event. Ever since its launch in 2017, Doubtnut became India’s most used education platform in terms of the number of daily users. Its fundamental aim is to make the best quality education accessible for students all over India at affordable prices. What sets it apart is its use of AI for students through which they receive an instant video solution to their doubts instantaneously just by clicking the image of the question. In an interview with HT School, Aditya Shankar, the co-founder of Doubtnut, talks about the platform’s collaborative effort with HT for the Hindustan Olympiad, and shares his views on the online education scene in India. 

Why did Doubtnut choose to partner with Hindustan Times for the prestigious Hindustan Olympiad?  
Doubtnut had embarked on the bold mission of changing the education paradigm of the nation and bringing education to each and every kid in every city, village, town irrespective of their demographics and economic conditions. HT Olympiad is working towards the same vision, empowering more than a million students by providing a unique platform to compete at a national level. With our foundation being the same, together we are on a journey to revolutionize India’s education system.  

How do exams like the Hindustan Olympiad help in strengthening students’ knowledge-base as compared to traditional school exams, according to you?  
Students giving traditional school exams might not prepare him/her to compete at national level exams but HT Olympiad is providing a common platform for them to compete at national level. This will not only prepare them for competitive exams but also increase their knowledge base.  

How are Doubtnut and the Hindustan Olympiad making learning accessible to all students in India? Is there a shared focus for this?  
Doubtnut is being used by about 5 crore students across the platform right now, the most used education app of India. More than 3 crore students ask doubts, watch online classes and prepare for their exams through premium courses every month, 85% of our students are coming from tier 2,3 & 4 cities.  

Similar to Doubtnut, Hindustan Olympiad is on a mission to make learning accessible to students across India by offering them a platform to prepare and compete for a national level competitive exam that effectively tests students in their academic abilities and makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  

What sets Doubtnut apart from its other online learning counterparts?  
Doubtnut is the most used online learning platform in India for its instant doubt solving feature, free classes, and courses for students from class 6th to 12th & JEE-NEET.  

 Doubtnut’s premium courses are developed with a single motto of providing best quality education at affordable prices. The courses for grade 6 to 12 are customized for English and Hindi medium students and are available for more than 11 national and state boards such as CBSE, UPMSP, BSEB etc…  

The courses for JEE & NEET are being taught by teachers who have produced under 100 ranks in JEE & NEET for years. All such courses are available at affordable prices.   

Why do Doubtnut’s unique video solutions to students’ queries have a more significant effect as compared to other traditional methods of seeking answers online?  
While other platforms are using manual ways to solve doubts or taking more time to solve doubts. Doubtnut uses AI for a student to get an instant video solution within 5 seconds to their doubts just by clicking the image of the question. These video solutions not only explain how to solve the question but also explains the concept applied in the question thereby equipping students to solve similar problems.   

Do you think the lack of human interaction while solving students’ doubts can possibly be an issue on your platform?  
There are two types of doubts which most of the students have:  

  • Questions from text and reference books which students face difficulty solving - Doubtnut has the largest bank of 30 lac video solutions for all such doubts. Around 3 crore students ask 20 crore doubts every month.     
  • Conceptual or theoretical doubts which students get while attending classes - Doubtnut is the only platform to build a solution around such doubts. It solves around 15 lac conceptual doubts asked by 1 lac students every month.   

As both types of doubts are being catered through detailed explanation by subject matter experts, students seldom feel the lack of human interaction in doubt solving experience on Doubtnut platform.   

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