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4 things you didn’t know about Emmanuel Macron, the re-elected President of France

By Aditi Srivastava,

In 2012, Emmanuel Macron was dubbed as the Mozart of Finance.

Macron has a keen interest in football. Image: Twitter

Emmanuel Macron was elected as France's president for a second consecutive term, defeating his opponent, Marine Le Pen, by a considerable margin. Previously, he served as President of France from May 14, 2017 during the first term. While a lot is known about Macron’s political career and his current re-election as French president, there are some facts about him that are worth a read. 

Macron was an investment banker before joining politics 
Macron's background as a former investment banker is frequently mentioned, as he worked for the Rothschild & Cie Bank between 2008 and 2012. However, he only worked at the bank for four years before becoming president at the age of 39. For his role in advising Nestlé (a Swiss food and beverage firm) on its $12 billion acquisition of a subsidiary of Pfizer (an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation) in 2012, he was even dubbed the Mozart of Finance.  

Macron is not the first French politician to have worked in the financial sector. Georges Pompidou, another former French president, also worked at Rothschild for eight years before becoming Prime Minister and successor to Charles de Gaulle at the Elysée Palace in the 1960s.  

He has a keen interest in football 
Macron has been a lifetime follower of Olympique Marseille, a French professional men's football club situated in Marseille. In late 2021, he also participated in a charity football match. He was caught on camera taking a penalty. His well-timed shot went directly down the centre and into the goal. 

Macron leans towards being an Anglophile  
An anglophile is someone who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain. Though Macron is a proud Frenchman keen on restoring France’s glory in world politics, he is a fluent English speaker who appreciates a bit of Anglophone culture too. Anglophone refers to an English-speaking population especially in a country where two or more languages are spoken. In fact, former Prime Minister of France, Édouard Philippe, had stated in his book that he and Macron debated theories of power in relation to Star Wars (an American epic space-opera multimedia franchise) and Game of Thrones (an American fantasy drama television series). It is also said that Macron had a great-grandfather from England. However, he never met him. 

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