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Do you know that there are four types of tennis courts?

By Pallavi Kanungo,

With the French Open knocking at the door, let’s take a look at the different types of tennis court that exist.

French Open is played on a clay court.

Tennis lovers wait eagerly for this event all-round the year. This is a Grand Slam tennis tournament that begins in the month of May every year in Paris. Yes, we are talking about the French Open, popularly known as Roland Garros and played on a clay court. As the tennis fever keeps rising, let us explore the various types of tennis court that exist.  

Clay court 
Clay court happens to be one of the most common tennis courts in the world. There are two kinds of clay courts: red clay court that is made up of crushed bricks and green clay court that is made up of basalt. The specialty of a clay court lies in the fact that the ball bounces slower as well as higher upon it. It is native to Europe and South America and is favoured mostly by players who prefer spinning. The French Open is is played on a clay court.  

Grass court 
As the name suggests, grass court is a tennis court that is covered with grass over hard-packed soil. It is usually very hard to maintain and is therefore an uncommon type of tennis court. Grass court is mostly found in the professional circuit. Grass court is known for its slippery nature and here, the ball bounces both low and fast, unlike in clay court. At present, only United Kingdom is home to grass courts where the popular tennis tournament Wimbledon is played every year.  

Hard court 
Hard court is the most widely used tennis court in the world and is made up of concrete or asphalt. Here, the ball bounces both faster and higher, meaning, faster than on clay courts but slower than on grass courts. In fact, players often say that the bounce is predictable on a hard court, which is why it is easy to gain control. Players who are versatile and can play equally well on grass and clay courts usually succeed on hard courts. Two most famous tennis tournaments in the world, US Open and Australian Open are played on hard courts.  

Carpet court 
Carpet court in tennis refers to a type of court that is made up of any kind of removable covering. The difference lies in the thickness and textures of the materials used. Here, the ball bounces moderately fast, but is generally at a lower height. Previously, carpet courts were widely used during all kinds of professional tournaments. However, due to its unpredictable nature, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) discontinued its use in 2019.  

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