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These child prodigies will inspire your kids in more ways than one

By Rahul Pathak ,

Meet four Indian whiz kids, who are making the nation proud in the global arena.

Most of us come to this world with unique gifts and talents. But some children are born geniuses. Their lives can be a lesson and inspiration for kids. Here are the stories of four child prodigies who are making India proud.  

D. Gukesh, chess player 
This Tamil Nadu-based chess prodigy is just 15 years old. He started participating in tournaments from the age of five years and since then, there was never a looking  back. He has won many significant competitions like World Youth Chess Championship 2018 (under-12 category), Hillerød Chess Club Tournament and Asian School Chess Championship, 2015 to name a few. In 2019, this child prodigy became the youngest Indian player to win the title of “Grandmaster’. He is the second youngest player in the world to win this title after Russian chess grandmaster Sergey Karjakin. Gukesh has always been quite vocal about his dream to win the World Champion title. He dreams of playing against Vishwanathan Anand some day. 

K Visalini, highest IQ holder 
The IQ score of this 21-year-old from Tamil Nadu is 225, the highest in India. Visalini created a world record by receiving the Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate at the tender age of 13 years. She was also the ‘youngest’ person to receive EXIN cloud computing certification. A zealous researcher, Visalini is currently working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality (VR) and Communication Systems. She has also been a guest speaker for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), delivering lectures on ‘Big data for ISRO’.  

Licypriya Kangujam, environment activist 
Inspired by prominent environment activist Gretta Thunberg’s work, 10-year-old Licypriya Kangujam from Manipur started working towards the protection of environment from 2018.  She pressurised the Indian Government for the enactment of a significant law on climate change and organised a one-week protest outside the parliament house. At the age of 8, Kangujam became the youngest speaker to address the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Winner of The World Children Peace Prize 2019, this young environment activist has been working on promoting laws to curb high pollution levels in India. Kangujam is making efforts to make climate-change literacy compulsory in schools. 

Lydian Nadhaswaram, pianist 
Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Nadhaswaram shocked the entire music fraternity when he became the world’s youngest person to win the talent show ‘The World’s Best’ by CBS in 2019, at an age of just 13 years. He is considered to be India’s best young pianist. Besides being an ace pianist,  Nadhaswaram made his debut in a 2020 Hindi film ‘Atkan Chatkan’, presented by his mentor and  legendary musician A.R Rahman.  

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