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4 career interesting career options to pursue in the film industry

By Tania Bagwan,

Acting isn’t the only career option in the film industry. Here are the other choices to forward to.

The film director has the job of translating a screenplay into the final product.

The film industry is hailed to be one of the most exciting and popular industries. This is even more true for a country like India, where film stars have a massive fan following. This is what makes this industry a lucrative spot for aspiring actors. However, acting isn’t the only career option in the film industry. There are other lucrative choices that young film lovers can look forward to. If you have a movie buff at home who is aspiring to pursue a career in this industry, here are a few options to consider (apart from just acting).  

This is one of the most sought-after roles in the film industry. Director is the one who translates a screenplay into the final work of art, i.e., the film. The path to becoming a director is certainly challenging and may need several internships on a film set alongside institutionalised training. It is a great career option if your child loves every aspect of a film, starting from the creative and imaginative side to the technical side.  

Set designer 
If your child has a flair for art and architecture, coupled with a passion for films, then the role of a set designer can be an ideal option for him. Set designers create the set of a film within the stipulated budget. They are in charge of creating the fancy backdrops that we see in a movie. It is advisable to start off with smaller projects like set designing for plays, and then gradually move on to larger, more complex film projects. 

Director of photography (DoP) 
For kids who have a knack for clicking pictures, a career as the director of photography could be the calling. This job is often overlooked, but yet remains crucial when it comes to films because after all, the moving visual aspect of films is what makes it different from other forms of art. If your child has a sharp eye for visuals and cinematography, then is this a great career option to consider. 

Movie editor 
After the shooting process of a film is completed, it goes into post production. This is where the role of a movie editor becomes important. The editor is tasked with the job of fine-tuning and altering the film to certain visual and temporal specifications. If your child has a knack for editing videos and is well-versed with video-editing software, or at least has the desire to learn technicalities, then this could be the career choice to consider.