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5 hobbies that every video game lover will love to explore

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Learning how to code can be a great video gaming supplement.

Video gamers generally like to explore allied hobbies like 3D modelling, opening a YouTube channel, etc.

Video or online games are one of the most popular hobbies among ‘nerdy’ kids, more so, because quite a few of them offer learning opportunities too. However, there is a plethora of allied hobbies that gamers would like to explore. This will help them pick up new skills. Here is a list of few such related hobbies that can be supplementary to video gaming. 

Coding is something that comes naturally to gamers. The reason is that once they realise that their entire gaming world is made up of complex codes, they automatically shift their affinity to learn coding. A few examples of how code-based games are Minecraft (uses Java) and Roblox (uses Lua script) among others. Knowledge of coding may turn young gamers from mere players to great developers.   

3D modeling 
Apart from simple to complex codes, video games are also made up of other factors such as characters and environments, and most importantly, the models that give a visual representation of real-life stories. So, learning how to create 3D models alongside coding can have both educational and recreational benefits for youngsters. A go-to 3D modeling tool is Autodesk Maya that budding tech lovers can try out. From creating 3D objects like swords and guns to endowing characters with intricate human anatomical features, the art of 3D modeling can do it all. Learning 3D modeling also helps in understanding how to design concept art or planning the basics of game design. 

Roblox monetization 
Games are no more for fun only. They can further one’s career options by enhancing a set of new-age skills. Some of them also offer earning opportunities enabling the community of gamers to experience the journey of an entrepreneur, Roblox is one such platform that just does this. On Roblox, the users not only play games, but also develop them and earn money out of them.  

Game tutoring 
There is no valid reason as to why youngsters can’t take up teaching if they know something really well, say for example, video gaming. Teenagers nowadays are actually making a lot of money, not only by just playing but by imparting their gaming knowledge to peers or even adults who are otherwise amateurs in the gaming world. Knowledge sharing helps them sharpen their own skills and they can someday become real-life game coaches too.  

Opening a YouTube Channel 
Like everything else, the video gaming field too has a wide audience on YouTube. Gamers upload videos on YouTube walking their subscribers through the basics and details of various games. These explainers are in fact a great video gaming supplement for youngsters who are good with words and know what they are really do. For example, there’s a popular YouTube channel called Let’s Players where anyone from around the world can record themselves while playing trending games while simultaneously engaging their audience through constant commentary.  

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