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Blogs and e-commerce websites are among the most popular kinds of websites available.

By Pallavi Kanungo,

As youngsters start exploring the world of internet, they come across websites, blogs, vlogs and other digital entities. The millennials are keen on making their own digital property too. In fact, there are many online and offline courses that help them create website. However, before taking on a professional course on web development, it's good to know the types of websites that commonly exist in the ecosystem of internet. Here is a low-down on them. 

Magazine websites 
With the turn of the century, the magazine industry underwent a drastic change from print-only to digital. A magazine site stays true to its name and keep their readers or users updated on current events through relevant and informative content in the form of articles, videos and photos. This website type is not only suitable for daily periodicals but also for academic/research publications. A magazine site usually has an architecture that allows user-friendly navigation. 

These are the latest trends in the world of internet because they are becoming potential online money-making opportunities. Blogs showcases articles, pictures and videos. The content of the blogs is usually more personal and are launched and controlled by a single individual or a small company. It is presented in an informal or conversational style and can be about anything from books and movies, food and lifestyle and has a specific target audience in mind. However, bloggers nowadays have also been including content from domain experts to lend authenticity to their platform.  

E-commerce websites 
E-commerce has become one of the most popular category of websites in recent times. The main aim is to provide a platform for buying and selling products and services. So, in layman’s terms, these are your everyday virtual market places and can be accessed 24/7. A well-made e-commerce website increases the sales figures and revenues for sure. These websites have an extremely professional layout and need to be professionally managed.  

Portfolio websites 
Portfolios display a particular individual’s talents and skills to the world. This type of website is custom-made for artists, designers, writers and architects and other professionals. Building a portfolio website is an art in itself. The person doesn’t need to focus on everything, but exhibit only a few of his works. Since the nature of this website is creative and experimental, trying out aesthetic layouts and adding interesting features are often recommended. 

Social media handles 
Surveys say that almost 75% of the world’s population regularly indulge in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter. No matter who the target audience is, one can find them on these handles. Having a page or profile is necessary for gathering audience. While creating a social media page, pay attention create content that has the potential of getting re-shared.   

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