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Studying climate change is important for Indian students: Survey

By HT School Web Desk,

Majority of Indian students feel that studying climate change is important reveals a recent survey.

74% of students are taught environmental science at school level in India

With environmental deterioration taking place rapidly across the world, it has now become important to address the underlying environmental issues more than ever and sensitise people about the need of protecting nature. To achieve the goal, United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) celebrated this year’s World Environment Day by marking the beginning of the UN decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Aligned with this mega theme, Brainly, a Poland-based Edtech company, conducted a survey to analyse depth of knowledge in environmental among Indian school students. The online survey, which accumulated 1,781 responses from students across the country, provides valuable insight about the awareness of young Indians, in the areas of climate crisis, eco-friendly habits and ecosystem restoration. Here are the major observations of the study.  

Students find it important to study climate change 
Based on responses gathered, it has been found that there is a high level of awareness among the new generation in India about the need of adopting sustainable lifestyle habits. These habits include reducing the usage of plastic, conserving natural resources and planting more trees among others. Out of the 1781 survey participants, 79 per cent agreed that studying climate change is important, as it helps an individual learn the best ways of conserving the environment. 

74% of students are taught environmental science at school 
According to the survey, environment awareness among kids is mainly fueled by proper classroom teaching, parents, and online learning platforms. In the study, it was found that 74% of the students are already being taught environmental science at school. On being asked whether their school encourages them to adopt an eco-friendly approach, 86% of students replied with an affirmative answer.  

The survey also revealed that parents or other family members play an important role in educating kids about the need to protect   environment. Eighty per cent of survey respondents agreed to the fact. Besides this, 73% of students enrich their understanding of the environment from online learning platforms.  

Young Indians actively participate in ecosystem restoration 
The findings of the survey suggest that 58 per cent of students planned to plant more trees in their localities to celebrate this year’s World Environment Day. Moreover, the survey observes that most students have already been involved in eco-friendly activities since the beginning of the pandemic-imposed lockdown in India. These activities include conducting plastic plog runs in localities (59%), planting trees (58%), avoiding wastage of water (54%), rainwater harvesting(30%), recycling (52%) and installing solar panels on the rooftop (20%). 

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