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Alexa gets child-friendly with Dot Kids

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

The digital assistant Alexa’s kid version is sure to amuse your little ones.

The hugely popular digital assistant Alexa’s kid version will hit Asia soon. Image: Reuters

Meet Alexa Echo Dot Kids – one of the most popular smart speakers with Alexa made for children. The kid’s version of this digital assistant is a cuteness overdose with its tiger and panda designs, but it’s not a toy. It actually works just like Alexa. It was available in the USA for years, but has now expanded to UK with a brisk plan to hit Asia soon.  

A quick look at the usual features  
Alexa Dot Kids has a lot of functions present in Alexa.

  • Alexa Kids can help kids learn and grow. Kids can ask Alexa whatever questions come to their mind, set alarms, and get help with homework. 
  • When Alexa doesn’t know the answer, she asks specific questions to define the query further 
  • Kids can ask Alexa call approved friends and family  
  • The Echo Dot Kids can communicate with other smart speakers in the house, sending out alerts or ‘calling out’ to them 
  • It has a 2-year guarantee instead of 1. Parents of active kids would love that 
  • There's also a 1-year family plan subscription to Amazon Kids+, which unlocks free games, books, and radio stations 

Child-friendly features  
We’ve rounded up some of its trendiest kid-friendly features here.

  • Alexa Routine is really good on Alexa Kids. Kids can set routines – good morning, study time, bedtime, dinner bell – and there are a whole range of Featured Routines just like the usual Alexa.  
  • It comes loaded with educational tools, a big help when children are still unable to attend regular class at school  
  • Alexa can now supposedly understand children's voices a little better, so goof-ups with misinterpreting commands would hopefully reduce  
  • So far, more than 170 books have been confirmed to be a part of the yearly subscription 
  • There are ten ad-free radio stations available  
  • It has special fun edu-games like aHarry Potter Quiz 
  • It has amazing parental controls. Kids can be confined to trusted content and vocabulary. Parents can set time limits on how long they listen and block explicit lyrics or songs 
  • If children are guilty of being a little rude to the voice assistant, their manners can be improved by allowing them to interact with Alexa only if they say "please" first. This has been aptly called  the Magic Word setting 

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