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All about the new Netflix feature: My List

By Sanjoli Solanki,

Here is a step-by-step guide for youngsters to use this new feature of Netflix.

A new feature for users to stream shows and movies hassle-free.

Over-the-Top services or movie streaming platforms have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years. Netflix is one of the most viewed OTT platforms all over the globe, especially among youngsters. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the viewing time of Netflix, thanks to the lockdown and limited options for entertainment. Some studies show that comedy, thriller movies, and shows have been the most popular genre for children so far.   

With OTT shows and movies streaming non-stop, there are too many recommendations and too little time to browse through all of them. Keeping this in mind, Netflix has come up with its new feature, My List. Through this newly-launched feature, the streaming giant has enabled users to add their favourite or yet-to-watch shows to their list. Here’s all youngsters need to know about the latest feature 

What is My List all about? 
This feature lets the user create a personalized watchlist of movies and TV series by simply adding them to the My list tool. The list recorded then automatically gets ordered, showing the user the latest episodes and titles on top. When the user adds options to their lists, Netflix learns about their preferences making the streaming experience better. This way, the user also gets more movie and show options recommended for them to enjoy watching. 

It's a no-fuss routine for adding up to 500 shows and movies. Of course, a user can easily remove a show or movie from My List if he or she so desires. 

How to access the feature? 
Users can access the ‘My List' feature by scrolling down to the ‘My List' row at the top left of the homepage. On the mobile app, it's under the 'Profiles & More' option, and on the navigation bar on TV, it's under the menu option on the left side of the home page. 

Adding a movie or show to My list 
On your browser: Select the ‘plus' icon with the cursor over the title you want to add.  

On the Netflix app for Android: Select the title you'd like to add, then go to 'Details & More' and tap the plus icon.  

On the Netflix app for iOS: Tap the ‘plus' icon after selecting the title you want to add.  

On the Netflix app for TV: Select the title you want to add, then click the ‘Add to My Library' button. 

Removing a movie or show on My list 
On the browser: Select the ‘checkmark' icon with your cursor over the title you want to remove.  

On the Netflix Android app: Go to 'My List,' select the title you want to remove, then tap on the checkmark next to 'Episodes & Info.' 

On the Netflix iOS app: Tap on the checkmark in the ‘My List' section to remove an option.

On the Netflix TV app: Choose the title you want to remove from your list and then click the ‘Remove from My List' button. 

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