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Amazon Kids: What is it all about?

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Amazon Kids has been trending consistently ever since its launch.

Amazon Kids is a service from Amazon offering curated books, movies, and games for kids through its app.

Amazon has some of the best Android apps and hardware combo deals that sell like hotcakes, given the site itself is the marketplace. In the autumn of 2020, Amazon launched Amazon Kids and Kids +, the premium version. A big trend in the US, Amazon Kids became a hit with Indian buyers too as soon as it was introduced. So, what is Amazon Kids, and what makes it so popular? 

What does Amazon Kids do? 
To put it briefly, it's a service from Amazon offering curated books, movies, and games for kids through its app, with parental controls for children ranging ages 3 to 12. The hardware tied with this service is the Amazon Fire HD Kids tablet. The comparatively more expensive Kids+ grants access to a much bigger, appropriately curated library of content, and streams ad-free radio stations. Other apps shared with children on their Kids+ profile will also remain ad free by default. So Amazon Kids successfully does the job of providing infotainment and a protected web experience for children. Of course, watching Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime or any other OTT channel content on the tablet is an experience most kids and parents love.  

What are the other features of Amazon Kids? 
Apart from reading, listening to music and watching movies, one can also play games on Amazon Kids, surf the web, make purchases, download new apps, and even make phone calls or engage in video chats. Amazon Kids is compatible with the Alexa smart speakers, and this makes it a combo that can keep kids and adults engrossed for hours.  

How does parental control work on Amazon Kids?  
Amazon Kids allow parents to limit screen time, set priority activities (whether reading comes before games etc.), and manage content according to age range. Parents can also set filters to the web browser, control call and video call permissions and control in-app purchases too. There is a parent dashboard to manage the different levels of restrictions. On the other hand, parents can broaden kids’ horizon by sharing libraries and apps with them. This app is also an effective way of allowing kids to consume monitored OTT content.  

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