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Book Zone: 'The Trials of Apollo: Readers of fantasy fiction must enjoy it'

By By Arunima Mehndiratta,

Arunima Mehndiratta (above), a Class 7 student of DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar.

I am a bookworm and I love to read books. Recently I read The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle written by Rick Riordan. It is simply unputdownable. The story is so captivating that one can imagine it as a movie playing out in his/her head. I like this series because it is a story that teaches us a lot of things in a wonderful way. The story is mainly about the Sun god Apollo who has been turned into a mortal so that he may amend his ways. It reflects real life as it shows how power can spoil a person and can break friendships. The story tells us what it will be like for a god who has been turned into a human being to walk in another person's shoes. It shows how a person can learn from being without much power but achieve great things when they want to. A surprise benefit was that I learnt a lot about Greek history in a fun way. I can say it is a must-read for mythological and fantasy fiction readers. The best part about this book, though, is the girls! They are fierce and strong and give back as good as they get. They are warriors, fighters and good leaders. There are many jokes and small, funny poems scattered throughout the book which lighten the mood when scenes get really dark. It shows the spark of hope in the characters as they fight for what is right. I look forward to reading other books in this series and hope all who read this book will enjoy it as much as I did. (Author Arunima Mehndiratta is a Class 7 student of DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar. Views expressed here are personal.)

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