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Boost analytical, coding skills at HT Code-a-thon

By HT Correspondent,

HT Code-a-thon is a four month programme.

For the coding Olympiad, HT has partnered with IBM and SpeEdLabs, an AI-based practice and learning platform which boosts foundational concept-based learning.

Aimed at boosting algorithmic thinking, mathematical and computing skills, and analytical thinking among youngsters and prepare them for careers of tomorrow in science and technology and beyond, the ongoing second edition of the India’s biggest coding Olympiad, Hindustan Times Code-a-thon, has seen several students from classes 4 to 9 sign up for a chance to learn coding, showcase their talents and win exciting prizes too.

Launched on August 31, the Code-a-thon aims to foster creativity and problem-solving skills through coding and help in the overall development of students. Empowered with such skills, students can harnesses their abilities in fields beyond STEM as well, say experts

During the coding Olympiad, students get the chance to code and polish their computing and analytical skills, said organisers. HT Code-a-thon offers a platform to students to pick up basics of coding & showcase their code writing skills at a national level.

The four-month programme is divided into three rounds: the learning round is supposed to continue till the last week of November; this will be followed by the qualifier round that will take place in the last week of November and open the competition; the final, which holds the promise of a battle between whiz kids, is scheduled for the third week of December.

Those interested in signing up for the Code-a-thon can visit or scan the QR code (given at the end) . Post-registration, the participants can access their age-appropriate modules and course materials.

For the coding Olympiad, HT has partnered with IBM and SpeEdLabs, an AI-based practice and learning platform which boosts foundational concept-based learning. Vivek Varshney, founder, SpeEdLabs, said coding has emerged as a fast-evolving approach to problem-solving that needs to be encouraged at every level.

He said that it is a skill that needed to reach young children while they were in school so that they can be developed at the right age.

“In a tech-driven world, coding imparts critical thinking, making it easier for students to function, figure out solutions and organise thoughts. Once a skill that only distinct professionals could achieve, coding is now an ability that is mandatory in the current landscape. It offers a chance for children to become creators, and prepares them for their future endeavours. While automation and technology will continue to supersede manual processes, coding will help our current generation stay ahead of this curve and continue to lead innovation and further growth across all domains,” said Varshney.

Tuhina Pandey, communications leader, IBM Global Digital Sales & India & South Asia CHQ, said that HT Code-a-thon had transformed into a movement that encouraged young minds to unlocks their potential in STEM fields. “IBM’s collaboration with HT Code-a-thon is a movement to empower young girls with STEM education that will help them break new grounds and grow. Code-a-thon Olympiad will elevate this cause to greater heights, inspire many more to join and grow the STEM education movement,” said Pandey.

The Code-a-thon will train participants as they chart their path towards a tech-enabled future. All participants will receive certificates and mentorship from technical experts, while the top three will also receive prizes.

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