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Does your youngster want to study in France? Here are a few scholarship options

By Tania Bagwan,

Here is a list of top 3 French scholarship programmes for Indian students.

The French Government has launched numerous scholarships for Indian students to pursue their higher education in France.

French is one of the most popular languages to learn not just in India, but also around the world. This language is not merely restricted to France, but is spoken as an official language or a secondary language in different parts of the world. Some examples for this would be Quebec in Canada, the African country of Senegal, Puducherry in India, etc. Apart from its reputation for being known as the most romantic language, it is an integral one for purposes of international trade and commerce. The French Government is making the language more accessible to foreigners through various programmes and scholarships aimed at equipping budding francophones to pursue the language further. If your teen has a keen interest in this language, here is a list of scholarships to consider applying for. 

The Charpak Scholarship

The Charpak Scholarship is sponsored by the French Embassy. This scholarship offers funding for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education in France, and covers Charpak Master’s scholarship (Indian post-graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree in France), Charpak Exchange scholarship- Spring Session (open to Indian undergraduates and postgraduates from all profiles for a semester of study in France) and Charpak Lab scholarship (open to Indian undergraduates and postgraduates who aim to attend an internship/ research project at a French university or laboratory.) 

La Femis

If your teen is passionate about films and TV, and wishes to pursue a career in this field in France, then the La Femis scholarship is the best option. La Fémis and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development have collaborated to award this scholarship to students who are seeking the practical and theoretical knowledge of filmmaking. This is an intensive 9-week long summer university programme which accepts a maximum of 15 students from various countries, including India. The awardee receives a monthly stipend, residency at the university, a return ticket to France and medical insurance.  

The Eiffel Scholarship Programme of Excellence

This scholarship is open to all those students who wish to pursue their Master’s or PhD level education in France. The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs established this scholarship in order to help top international students to complete their higher education in French universities. It covers certain priority areas of study and offers funding to applicants who are 25 years old or younger. The responsibility of applying for this programme is in the hands of the university which that student has been accepted to. The awardees of this scholarship are granted 1,181 euros and 1,400 for Master’s degrees and PhD degrees per month respectively, and another stipend amount for other expenses. 

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