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From the archives of Hindustan Times: July 9, 2019

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A Great Triumph for Mahatma Gandhi (1937)

LONDON- “Mahatma Gandhi has again triumphed.” This is the Comment heard in the Congress Camp tonight (July 8) over the Congress Working Committee’s resolution on office acceptance. Complete satisfaction prevails among all concerned.

The resolution, which was drafted by Mahatma Gandhi first on Monday and later touched up on Tuesday, was passed unanimously and this has then considerable encouragement to the Mahatma and the supporters of office acceptance.

In the ordinary course, the resolution ought to have been passed yesterday as there was already complete understanding between Mahatma and the Congress President, Pandit Nehru, but a slight unforeseen delay was caused by the demand made by one or two members opposed to Office acceptance to get the verdict of the All-India Congress Committee on the resolution as they pointed out that the Working Committee was not competent to take a decision contrary to the Delhi resolution of the All-India Congress Committee.

They also maintained that ‘would be safer for them to go before the All-India Congress Committee and set their verdict as they had to alter the Delhi resolution in certain respects.

As against this view it was pointed out that the All-India Congress Committee’s view on office acceptance issue was well-known and would not result in any substantial changes in the decision. Moreover, the situation in the country required immediate decision and a definite lead from the Working Committee and they could not await the meeting of the All-India Congress Committee which would mean delay.

Rulers’ conference opens today (1947)

The Rulers and Ministers of some of the leading Indian States have arrived in New Delhi for important consultations on the relationship of the States with the newly-constituted States Department of the Government of India.

The Maharaja of Patiala, Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes, who arrived in New Delhi on Monday, had a long meeting with Sir Conrad Corfield, Political Adviser, on Tuesday. It is likely that the Maharaja of Patiala will meet Sir Cyril Radcliffe, Chairman of the Boundary Commissions of the Punjab and Bengal, during the latter’s stay in New Delhi.

The conference of Rulers and Ministers of Indian States which opens today (July 8) will also hold preliminary discussions on the subjects which the member States of the Constituent Assembly are willing to surrender to the India Union. All the member States are reported to be willing to cede to the Indian Union some powers beyond those specified in the Cabinet Mission Plan.

At the last meeting of the Union Constitution Committee of the Constituent Assembly, the question of the powers which member States were prepared to cede to the Indian Union was raised. The States’ representatives on the Committee are reported to have requested the Committee to defer discussion on this point till July 10 when representatives of member States will meet to formulate a list of subjects on which they would like the Union to legislate.

India crash to 2nd successive innings defeat (1974)

BIRMINGHAM-England made a clean sweep of the three-match series, routing India by an innings and 78 runs in under three days on the penultimate days of the third and final Test at Edgbaston here.

It was all over bar the shouting when the Indian second innings folded up for 216 after Engineer was claimed leg-before wicket by Hendrick.

Having trailed England by 294 on first innings, the Indians were all out at ten for 216 when Mike Hendrick had wicketkeeper Farokh Engineer lbw for 33. It was the final act in a series which has seen England totally dominate India and take merciless revenge for their defeats by the Indians in 1971 and 1973.

England won the first Test by 113 runs and the second by an innings and 285 runs. This time they annihilated the Indians in under three days, the first day having been washed out by rain.

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