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HT Codeathon: Young coders in the making here

By Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By HT Correspondent,

HT Codeathon — the first-of-its-kind coding drive for school children in India — develops computational thinking and can help kids prepare for technology-based future

HT Codeathon aims to give students a platform to enhance their abilities in coding, logic building & problem-solving.(SHUTTERSTOCK)

Codeathon converts students’ social and popular interest in device-use to learning a serious hardcore machine-talk. The concept uses students interests to move from using apps for fun to using apps to create new apps. Presently, every student wants to create content. A common example; s/he will click a picture, add a caption and sent it to their friends. The click of the picture and addition of meaning to it, is creating new content. Students use a number of other ways to send fresh content to others. Daily online classes assumes students preparing new content online and presenting it to their teachers for assessment. Students use popularly known programs like Zoom, Google Classroom, Team etc. since these are readily available. The future will soon see a set of apps prepared by students to make the transfer of information easier between student and teacher. Codeathon, is a first-level concept to draw out these skills in a student. It is time students learn to talk to machines and get them to quickly understand their needs, rather than wait for a genius to create an app which will subsequently win followers. They are equipped to doing this themselves. Further, concepts like codes, coding, cloud, use of logic, machine language, user-friendly interface, blogs, my web page, user id, cyber-resume, as commonly known cognitive skills. These will overlap every subject taught in the new school curriculum. Today, students at age five are already using computers to communicate. Presently, home learning, home submission of assignment, self-learning, working from home, home shopping, home advertisement, dependence on 4G and 5G, the demand of devices, are all a reality. This is the new world our students have already entered. There is no turning back. HT has set a road map for our students to tread. I am sure parents will quickly pick up this cue and get their children and themselves acquainted with this new E-environment.

Fr Jude Fernandes SJ, Principal, St Mary’s High School (SSC), Mazagaon


HT Codeathon facilitates learners with a platform to enhance their creativity, communication and digital literacy. Coding is now becoming the basic prerequisite skill set in the digital age which will provide ample opportunities in the future tech-driven world.

Coding not only promotes a learner’s analytical skills and logical thinking but also augments their ability to think out of the box. Coding prepares children for skills that are necessary in the future, and it will be a stepping stone for digital India.

Dr Kavita Aggarwal, director and head, DG Khetan International School

I think when children are introduced to coding, they gain an understanding of how digital technology works. Digital technology is a big part in the lives of many kids, as they are surrounded by smartphones, TV and internet. This technology is driven by a software or programmes that are created by coding. Kids need to realise that what happens when they use technology is not magic, and they themselves can create programmes that can be useful. Coding develops a sense of understanding of the world, sense of communication, problem-solving skills and makes learning fun.

Naaz Naeem Khan, parent, Class 9 student Numa Khan, Young Ladies High School, Fort

I love computers and. I spend eight to 10 hours a day learning difficult things such as coding. I am deeply impressed when I see a code as I know that it’s hard to accomplish. With my spare time, I play around with my computer, trying out new ideas or practising.The best thing about the coding programme is that it is helps team-building skills, makes a difference in people’s lives and is fun to learn. Coding also enhances problem-solving skills. As technology is at the heart of companies, Codeathon is a must across diverse industry verticals and I can be a game developer. I think everyone should learn coding .

Numa Khan, Class 9B, Young Ladies High School, Fort

This is really a great initiative by HT, especially in the current Covid-19 scenario as children are confined to homes. This is a boon for those children who want to learn coding, create their own web pages, apps etc. The best part about HT Codeathon is that it has been designed in a manner that whenever the child wishes to. The entire process is very interactive. I find it very beneficial for my son. He utilises most of his leisure time coding.

Renuka Kumar, parent of Rishit Singh, Class 7, EuroSchool, Thane

I have always been fascinated by video games and computer programmes. HT Codeathon has given me an opportunity to embrace my interests and learn coding. All the modules are designed in such a way that all my doubts are cleared on the spot via the chat section. HT Codeathon is a wonderful platform for every child like me who enjoys coding and is keen to create their own website or apps. I enjoy all the sessions a lot.

Rishit Singh, Class 7, EuroSchool, Thane

Coding is a novel idea to develop communication, creativity, maths and writing. It is the future of our technology. It helps children to become more confident and a sense of accomplishment also arises in their minds. This would help children to not only learn a new skill as a hobby but will also help in creating professional opportunities for our youth. The fact that a wide range of applications possible through coding programmes makes it the-much-in-demand 21st century skill. Children learn to solve a problem in a multiple number of ways. This enables them to think critically and analyse in multiple angles. This initiative by HT is applaudable. This will guide the younger generation of our country to a great extent. As a parent, I would love to see my child hone his skill in this field.

Jayendra Mahadik, parent of Tanmay Mahadik, Class 9, DAV Public School, Thane

Coding is the language or skill of the future. I think the Codeathon has come just at the right time for my son. Earlier, he had started with a course that had created an interest for coding in him. With Codeathon, he has been engaged regularly after school hours. The content seems very interesting and it has made him curious to learn more and more about the programming languages. He shares his learning and subsequent practicals with us. Now he is planning to build his own website. Coding helps to enhance computational, creative and innovative thinking. I am sure this experience will help him to be prepared for where the world is heading now. Thanks to HT Codeathon and his school for giving him this opportunity.

Mahesh Kokate, parent of Atharva Kokate Class 6, GD Somani Memorial School, Cuffe Parade

HT Codeathon is a great initiative. The codeathon is not only a competition but helps in generating an interest in learning coding. The overall platform is very interesting and beneficial for the students.

Ashutosh Mestha, parent of Narayani Mestha, Class 6, Kapol Vidyanidhi International School, Kandivli

It has been a great learning experience for me with HT Codeathon. I am learning to develop my own games and website with help of coding languages such as python etc. which have definitely enabled and enhanced my ability to develop my skills.After the completion of my course, I will receive a certificate which adds value to my academic as well as coding skills. Thank you HT for giving us this platform.

Krishika Tripathi, Class 8, Cambridge School, Kandivli.

HT Codeathon is a very prestigious platform for students like me who are keen to explore coding. After participating in this competition, I learned many concepts. I got a chance to learn HTML, Javascript, and CSS through the Codeathon videos. The competition has given me the inspiration to manifest my coding skills. The platform is very appealing and everything is meticulously created to develop an interest among fellow coders.

Tanishkaa Arun Gopal, Class 6, Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School, Santacruz

The experience of learning coding was a unique one. It definitely stirs up our imagination and abstract thinking. The well-explained content in the videos made assimilation easy. Coding is not only limited to writing programmes but helps in day-to-day lives by sharpening logical thinking and analytical ability. Thank you HT for this wonderful programme. Looking forward to continue my sojourn in coding.

Mannveer Kadian, Class 9A, Army Public School, Colaba


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