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Is your youngster an aspiring vlogger? Invest in these gadgets

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Vlogging can be a great opportunity for kids to earn money and fame.

A good camera, selfie sticks and headphones are some vlogging essentials that one needs to invest in.

Owning suitable gadgets makes our lives easier in more ways than one and vlogging isn’t any different. Vlogging (video blogging) has emerged to be one of the most popular and cutting-edge career options for today’s youngsters. Kids as young as 8-year-olds are earning just by vlogging or becoming YouTube influencers. Not just money, they are also earning a name for themselves by nurturing their passion to do something unconventional. However, amateurs and beginners often don’t understand which gadgets to use to start their journey as vloggers. We are here with a list to help your aspiring vlogger choose the right equipment.  


Owning a high-definition camera is a must for a vlogger to ensure the desired quality. However, the key is to buy an easy-to-control camera, that is convenient and effective. For behind-the-scenes clips, it is also recommended to buy a remote control, to make the vlog content appear seamless. Vloggers also like to keep multiple backup memory cards handy, just in case one gets corrupted or lost.  

Audio kit

People often think that audio quality is not that essential in vlogs, but in reality, it is as important as the quality of the videos. Moreover, vloggers often shoot in crowded outdoor locations, where the background noise often degrades the sound quality of the video. This can be resolved if proper audio kit is used. So, invest in a premium quality audio kit to ensure that the sound quality of the content your budding vlogger produces is impressive.  Choose one that eliminates background news efficiently.  

Light diffuser

If it’s a sunny day outside, shooting outdoors in absence of artificial light source isn’t much of a problem. However, if it’s a cloudy day, or if your youngster needs to shoot indoors, investing in a light diffuser will come in handy. This gadget ensures artificially induced natural lighting for better clarity and easier filming experience, without the use of too many added lights. It also helps in softening harsh sunlight with unnecessary shadows.  

Selfie sticks

These are not only popular but also useful, especially in case of a solo vlogger. Using selfie sticks to get the front view gives a personal touch to the content and resonates with the viewers. Selfie sticks help when the vlogger wants to share a heart-to-heart and needs to face the camera.  

Editing software

There are free as well as paid editing apps and software that vloggers need to use to enhance the quality of their videos. Adding features like texts (dialogues too!), special effects and voice-overs are vlogging essentials that editing tools enable. Therefore, it is necessary to use a good editing software and be consistent with it.  


Good quality headphones allow vloggers to monitor the sounds while recording a video. This way they can keep track of the ambient noises and can replace them with special sound effects accordingly.  

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