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Machine learning can widen career prospects for youngsters

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Machine learning will soon revolutionize the world with its avant-garde technology.

It is through machine learning that users get recommendations after their search.

Is your tech-savvy youngster enthusiastic about smart cars and wants to know how they function? Well, it’s time for you to introduce him to machine learning.  

Machine learning is a field of study in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of science concerned with the design and development of algorithms and techniques which allow computers to assess the data provided to them and then perform certain functions on their own. In other words, machine learning enables a computer to do a job without it being programmed to do so.  

It is through machine learning that a computer converts materials from one language to another, recognises objects in photographs or videos, makes song recommendations to the listener, and even plays one-on-one video games with a user. Hence, it goes without saying that getting acquainted with machine-learning can widen the career prospects of your youngsters.  

How does machine learning work? 
Children who play video-games unknowingly acquaint themselves with machine learning. When they play against the computer, it is the computer itself that processes the information and then takes the best possible step. It’s as if the machine takes this decision on its own without a coder’s involvement. This means that instead of using a coding language to give detailed instructions, it is through a trained algorithm that the machine learns and does its job without any external help.  

This is done a neural network, which is nothing but a series of algorithms trained to work like the human brain, connecting one neuron to another. These neurons, when interlinked, become powerful and analyze the available data through external inputs, use functions and other in-built languages to process the entire thing and then declares the output. The output becomes perfect through trial-and-error procedure, as the neurons make necessary adjustments on their own.  

What can machine learning perform? 
Machine learning is used to accomplish a variety of tasks such as predicting the result of manmade or even natural phenomena, say the stakes at stock market or even how much rainfall can be expected. A neuron simply uses data from similar past phenomena to make these forecasts.  

Needless to say, machine learning makes the job of the humans ten times easier. When machines perform supervised tasks like detecting nearby objects, advancing web searches to playing matches, it gets reactionary responses as and when it learns. These responses in turn allow the machine to perfect its decision-making skills the next time.  

Machine learning: What’s in the future? 
Machine learning is emerging as one of the most popular and sought-after career options for kids who are passionate about technology. It is not only stylish but also a unique field of study and within the next few years, AI hopes to advance to such a level that machines can indeed learn and perform on their own. A pioneering change in the field of STEM is supposed to be the way forward while it comes to machine learning. It is going to bring about evolution in the society by helping in practical business dealings like evaluating bulk data, controlling smart cars, and even leading to breakthroughs in the field of medical research.  

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