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Making academics smarter and more personalised with SpeEdLabs

By HT School Web Desk,

SpeEdLabs uses a combination of AI & Adaptive Learning to ensure personalised learning for all.

SpeEdLabs aims to provide a unique online learning experience with various cutting-edge interactive tools.

Today’s student is a digital native, and a keen adapter, and the future that lies ahead of them will need them to harness that and much more. As this student chases convenience, flexibility and a variety of easily accessible study material to get through school and competitions, the parents want a future ready child. Modern parents understand that a competitive advantage in a hyper-digital world will be achieved only if their child is able to apply learning, and not just reproduce it. To achieve this, it is essential for our system to prioritize student-centric learning. The rate of change of an entire system will always be dependent on many factors, but it is here that SpeEdLabs present a viable opportunity for parents, students, teachers and schools alike.   

SpeEdLabs, founded by IIT and IIM Alumni, is a Smart Practice and Learning Platform that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning to ensure personalized learning for each student. The platform cross references the efforts/ performance of each student with graded conceptual building blocks and suggests Personalised Improvement Plans helping better performance at school & competitive levels. SpeEdLabs’  competitive advantage of hybrid learning and personalisation ensures students’ productivity by allowing them to practise at their own pace. The aim is to provide the ultimate online learning experience with interactive sessions, mock tests, question paper discussions, doubt solving and intensive lectures on every subject. 

The platform also allows for peer group benchmarking nationally and is already the chosen partner in learning for more than 100,000 students across India with CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB affiliation spanning 200+ cities across India. At the very core of this framework is deep pedagogical expertise of hundreds of years of collective teaching experience and knowledge of IITian/NITian teachers. When it comes to academic influence, SpeEdLabs stands unparalleled. 

The present-day teacher and student, have fine-tuned them in more ways than one can imagine: the reach of teaching has expanded, students are more aware of their learning pace, and are constantly honing various skillsets such as coding for better career prospects. Parents also aim to provide complementary alternatives to school education and appreciate deeper analytics and personalised approach to learning. 

With the vision to support the present-day educational space, SpeEdLabs’ solution of Hybrid Learning (Teachers & Technology) was also adopted by many schools and institutes. The education ecosystem needed digital support for the teacher-led learning ways to empower all, teachers, students and parents. Amidst the pandemic, their AI-based learning model supported the teaching practices of 2500 coaching institutes across 200+ cities in India and is growing by the day.  

SpeEdLabs was founded to start a movement — to reshape the existing pedagogy and solve the learning difficulties the students face in the education space. The combination of their qualified faculty and the provision of AI-enabled performance assistance enhances the conceptual learning process of the students. It encourages the importance of self-study and regular practice for students who aspire to crack the various competitive exams and dream of good results in board examinations.  

SpeEDLabs provides 24x7 mentor guidance, convenient study material, peer group benchmarking nationally which has made it a popular and indispensable choice of over 100,000 students across India. It focuses on supporting the traditional coaching methods, and ensuring students set a benchmark in their academic careers and stand out amongst the other aspirants. One such step in this direction is SpeEDLabs’ association with HT’s CodeAThon. As coding has arisen to be the top in-demand skill of recent years, SpeEdLabs chose to support the vision by being a sponsor of CodeAThon. 

The founder, Vivek Varshney, is confident that technology, when used with the right approach, can do wonders to a student’s skill set, be it creative, problem-solving, or technical such as learning to code, “It is the need of the hour to provide today's digital native students with a platform that not only captures their imagination but also tracks their progress”. 

As a smart-learning practice platform, SpeEDLabs primarily aims to provide smart solutions to make a difference in every student’s learning journey and acknowledge the immense effort each teacher invests. Keeping the same in mind, students, teachers, and institutes will receive a 3-month all-access free login period to get the best support required to elevate teaching and learning methods as per that of the 21st century. 

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