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Promoting educational accessibility around the country with Doubtnut

By HT School Web Desk,

HT Media has partnered with Doubtnut for organising Hindustan Olympiad.

Doubtnut is making best quality education accessible to students across India at no or very low cost.

One of India’s much-awaited competitive tests for kids, the Hindustan Olympiad, is set to be back in February 2022. Doubtnut, India’s most used education platform, has joined hands with HT Media to organise this national level competition. Read on to learn more about this platform and the Olympiad.

What is Doubtnut?
Doubtnut is a widely used education platform in India which uses AI technology to provide students with an instant video solution to clear their doubts related to lessons. It offers a wide range of online courses for English and Hindi medium students across the country. Moreover, students studying in grades 6-12 can also find free classes and premium courses for their School, Boards, JEE, NEET, NDA and many other such competitive exams. In 2021, 45% of the students who studied with Doubtnut for their board exams scored above 95% marks. One of Doubtnut’s key aims is to make best quality education accessible for all at affordable prices. The platform’s co-founder, Aditya Shankar emphasises the need to take responsibility in creating the right things for the country.

Doubtnut’s bold mission 
Since its inception in 2017, Doubtnut is leveraging technology to help every student with instant answers and explanations to all their questions. With 20 Lac questions answered daily in numerous languages, this platform promises to bring education to each and every kid in every city, village and town irrespective of their demographics and economic conditions. 30 Lac students ask 20 lac questions and watch 60 Lac videos on Doubtnut every day, and more than 3 lakh students study in daily classes,  making it one of India’s largest education apps in terms of the number of daily users. Its mission involves strategic use of technology to tackle the educational challenges that a massive population like India’s faces.

Making education accessible for all 
Once digitisation enabled people from various parts of the country to access the internet, a lot of students had the chance to get their hands on content that was unavailable to them earlier. 

However, these students were looking to consume content in their own vernacular language.

Doubtnut not only gauged that the majority of apps are focusing on imparting lessons in English, but also decided to create content in conversational Hindi, eventually diving into various languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and more. Today, lakhs of students get the best quality video solutions, classes, notes, quizzes and tests prepared and delivered by India’s top teachers.