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Readjustment a major lesson for all

By Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent,

At a time when the pandemic has hit all the sectors, especially education, teachers & students in Delhi-NCR are learning a major lesson — readjustment to changes in the learning-teaching methods driven by online video apps

Safety is as simple as ABC meaning “Always Be Careful”, and then only we can protect our nation from this pandemic, says Pawan Kumar Vats, chairman, Heera Public School, Samalka

Pawan Kumar Vats, Chairman, Heera Public School, Samalka

Heera Public School (HPS), Samalka, is working on the safety measures of the students. It is the main reason to continue with online classes for the benefit of our beloved students. The management and staff members are more cautious about the health, fitness and moral, intellectual, as well as mental strategic evaluation of a new generation. Teachers are using their innovative ideas for a systematic and speedy recovery from mental harassment and fear of the Covid-19. Parents can spend time with their children to avoid their frustration and provide a happy family environment. It is my humble request to all the parents that we all have a part to play when it comes to keeping our children safe, healthy and fit. In the times of this pandemic, nothing has more impact than the voice of experience. We can give the platform to our kids based on our experience and ability to fight stress and anxiety created by hazardous thoughts given by media or anti-social elements. Distract yourself from negative emotions by listening to music, reading books & watching your favourite TV programmes . You can rediscover your hobbies like painting, gardening, stitching or cooking, etc. Do yoga or simple indoor exercises to keep yourself fit. Safety is as simple as ABC meaning “Always Be Careful”, and then only we can protect our nation from this pandemic. This is the only mission of the HPS family to deliver the message of Unity for the benefit of the country.

Nita Arora, Principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector - 18, Dwarka

While Wuhan in China struggled with the coronavirus outbreak and Europe awoke to the danger, India went about its business normally. We started online classes with a bridge course to familiarise them with the rigours and scope of the new elective subjects as well as provide the missing links for higher studies. First, we chose a better online teaching- learning platform and thereafter the staff training continued for a week. Students too gradually adjusted. We had grandparents learning with their grandchildren. Senior students were more independent and were left alone with their devices. Hats off to the parents for allowing their children to use their laptops but the demands of their own offices to work from home led to some conflicts. We began sending podcasts and PPTs to support the pedagogy. We shared softwares and e-textbook lessons too as most students didn’t have textbooks. Teachers were becoming tech-savvier and working more than ever. This didn’t deter teachers and they maintained the zeal. Theatre, music, yoga and other activities broke the monotony of classes. We got the feedback from the parents that the lockdown didn’t break the schedule and students would happily join the class for one reason or another. For some, the desire to hang out with friends in online mode, for some to see their theatre teacher making faces and sounds and dance teachers’ steps were reasons enough to be not late. For most, the newness of learning was fun.

Shilpa Sharma, TGT English, Basava International School, Dwarka

‘Reset, Readjust and Restart as many times as you need’ – this has become the new-age mantra.The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown have clearly been an eye-opener to the world and the canvas of life has become inclusive of a myriad of changes. The changes in lifestyle, work culture, eating habits, hygiene, cleanliness and social networking and basically our entire outlook towards everything surrounding us have remodelled our thought process. Hence , it has become the need of the hour to amalgamate the known aspects of life with the unknown. Instead of focusing on the anxiety, nervousness and fear, channelling our attitude and inner thoughts to capacity building and coping mechanisms would definitely help us surge forward.

Sana Singh, Class 9 D, Himalaya Public School, Rohini

At a time when the education sector has been hit hard by the Covid-19, online classes via video conferencing apps have been really helpful for students who were wasting their time during the lockdown period. Now, they can communicate with their teachers just like they were able to do so sitting in school classrooms. All kinds of curricular and extracurricular activities have been virtualised so that they can take part in those activities from their houses. The online learning has helped schools in completing their syllabuses during lockdown. Every rose has its thorn, so have online classes. As students can have access to online classes anytime, they procrastinate. Many of them think they can do their work later and leave it for the last moment. It creates difficulty for them when they have to present show their work to their teachers. Any technical glitch or network failure affects the meeting. Students also face problems in understanding difficult chapters from subjects like mathematics. We are in a world full of ever-changing and ripe possibilities, so this ability to learn anything from anywhere is truly vital and beneficial for students during these testing times.

Niharika Gautam, Class 11 B, Mayoor School, Noida

We don’t do a painting just for the sake of it. We all know that being creative is not a hobby but it is a way of life. This lockdown has given me an opportunity to nurture my personality. So I wish to learn the concept of colours. I am in love with painting. When I paint, I get to know that I am no more on this planet but in the world of art. Nature is something we all are in love with, right? So I think that there is nothing good than painting nature on a white blank paper. Making a colourless paper colourful is a magic which I am learning these days. This activity doesn’t bore me. For me the word ‘PAINT’ is an acronym that stand for ‘programmes’, ‘activities’, ‘inspire’, ‘new’ and ‘things’.

Gaurvi Nagpal, Class 12, Hillwoods Academy, Preet Vihar

As the world practises social distancing to fight the Covid-19 and many countries have gone into lockdown, I decided to pass my time doing my all-time favourite thing -- painting. I always search for free time to paint and do all kinds of creative stuff. During this lockdown period, I decided to make the most of it by occupying myself with all the colours. Even if there are hard times we need to stay positive and discover our hobbies. Art for me is a way to keep my head up and I hope everyone pursues his/her hobbies in the best way he/she can.

Mokshda Jain, Class 6 B, Universal Public School, Preet Vihar

The lockdown means holidays without any school work or projects. But I am utilising this period by indulging in midbrain activation exercises like yoga that improve the concentration level and memory. I am also strengthening my calculations using abacus and concepts of vedic mathematics. I am also learning various fun activities like dancing, colouring and craft through YouTube videos. My elders have told me to do pooja and mantra jaap daily for world peace. I enjoy delicious dishes, watch cartoon network and end my day with papa’s bed time stories.

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