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Taking the bright side of a crisis

By Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent,

During the Covid-19 lockdown, while school heads are driving innovation, for students hobbies are getting more play than they ever did in the past.

One must adapt to the environment to be true survivors and achievers, says Anupama Chopra, Principal, GD Goenka Public School, East Delhi

Anupama Chopra, Principal, GD Goenka Public School, East Delhi

As the head of an institution, it is very important to connect with the school community and foster effective relationships. This is a challenging time for everyone and certainly one we have not experienced before. In this grave situation, we continue to move with an approach of instilling hope and confidence. Our journey of imparting education continues by implementing an array of tools for students, parents and teachers so that all can be connected as a thread from one corner to another. I have used the motivational approach to encourage teachers to explore innovative ways as they impart education to students. To an extent we have been successful in reaching to our students through Google Classrooms, Zoom App, Gmail and other social platforms. We have started taking not only academic classes but also co-curricular activities through virtual classrooms. One must adapt to the environment to be true survivors and achievers.

N Geeta Srinivasa, Principal, Ryan International School, Sector-31, Gurugram

During this lockdown period, as our students and teachers are getting themselves equipped with new technologies, as the head of this institution I am keeping myself updated with kinds of newest information around the world and sharing with them. I also enjoy my old hobby of reading books, apart from attending morning yoga session and practising meditation. I have also resumed drawing and writing poetry that were pending for long due to my hectic work schedule. I strongly feel that we will overcome this period of crisis and we all will happily rejoin our daily schedule and eventful life.

Reena Rajpal, Principal, DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh

The times are different — unprecedented challenges have shaken humanity, forcing it to introspect about the way life has to be lived. Never again shall we take for granted the beauty of our simple routines --- the exciting beginning of a new session, children clamouring for attention and teachers rushing to give final shape to their orientation sessions. We are missing it! However are we not able to hear the birds sing? Breathe cleaner air? Yes! That is what we must focus on. We, at DLDAV, Shalimar Bagh, have grown like never before. We have turned the entire school virtual. The teacher-student-parent connect has been firmly established through the online learning platforms Google Meet, Google Classroom, Jamboard, Zoom, Snap Hw and WhatsApp. It is heartening to see the commitment of the faculty to learn the use of latest tech tools for reaching out to the students. The new challenges and experiences that they are facing are providing lessons in resilience and patience, time management and organisation, innovation and reinvention. Children are playing the keyboard, reading books, making videos on cyber security and writing poetry. So, as a principal, I have much to be pleased about. For I see all my teachers, students and parents growing constantly. No virus has been able to dampen our spirits! The times are tough. But we are tougher! We shall triumph!

Shiney Sharma, Class 6, Manav Sthali School, New Rajendra Nagar

“Do your work sincerely and silently, give your best and work hard, and let your success make noise” --- these inspiring words of Mamta V Bhatnagar, director and founder principal of my school, encouraged me to follow my passion for dance during the lockdown. I have been learning Kathak for the last five years so I decided to use this passion of mine as a medium to promote the Manav Sthali’s campaign ‘Stay@home’. For this, I initiated the ‘Make A Chain To Break A Chain’ campaign to spread light of hope when the whole world is facing such a critical situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the campaign, I decided to upload one video with a different theme everyday. As I started, my classmates and friends from other schools also joined me and soon we became ‘Team Shiney’. Through videos, we conveyed to people messages such as stay at home, social distancing, gratitude towards doctors and other medical staff, salute to police, tribute to teachers and mothers, love nature and nature will love you back, digital India and many more. I thank all who supported me and inspired me for taking up this noble cause for humanity.

Titiksha Sharma, Class 10, DAV Public School, Sector-14, Faridabad

Realising that being stuck at home during the lockdown period is not only very monotonous but can also be challenging, I have, nowadays, started learning a lot of things that I will like to share with others so that they too can use their time productively. I have scheduled my time that starts from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep. This scheduling is helping me in using my time productively. Due to this, I am able to do all my work including studies, making projects, doing exercise etc. on time. This ongoing lockdown is also proving to be very helpful in maintaining a disciplined life. I also spend sufficient time for fun activities. I devote part of the time with my family, watching movies and playing ludo and carom. Apart from these activities, I am also honing my cooking skills these days. During such a period, one should have an entertaining and advantageous hobby. Mine is reading books and I am striving to use as much time as is possible during the lockdown period to nurture this wonderful hobby and to devote my energies to it.

Devansh Sharma, Class 8-A, Puneet Public School, Vishwas Nagar

During this lockdown period, I get enough time to indulge in my recreational activity which is painting and playing with colours. I use this time to create something new with colours. Recently, I made a poster on Covid-19 and the importance of hand washing to prevent infections due to the outbreak of the pandemic. This period has indeed given us a great opportunity to explore our talents.

Anshika Handa, Class 7, Bosco Public School, Paschim Vihar

I love sketching and this period has given me ample time to hone my skills. When all are distressed amid the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, sketching relaxes me and helps vent out my feelings. I wanted to become an artist since childhood because I have been endowed with creative skills. I still get bored at home sometimes and engage myself in other activities. The walls of my room are covered with my sketches. We must all practise at least an activity that relaxes him/her. Stay safe and healthy.

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