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Top blogging trends of 2021 for youngsters

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Does your teenager enjoy blogging? Check out the latest trends in blogs with us.

While dedicated blogs continue to do very well, blogs that offer a wide range of topics are also drawing attention.

With the advent of Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and other short content platforms, there was a general fear that blogging might come to an end. But as the years keep passing by, blogging has not stopped, in fact, it has seen growth in terms of both number of blogs and money earned through blogs. Most companies have adopted blogging as a marketing tool. Kids too, are not far behind. Whenever they have something worth sharing with a wider audience, they are creating blogs that give us an idea of what the future world is thinking. Today we will look at blogging trends that are doing well with child authors in 2021.  

Use of diverse content  
While dedicated blogs continue to do very well, blogs that offer a wide range of topics are also drawing attention. That is because more people are turning to blogs as a source of information, especially since classrooms are out of reach. Blogs are often more valid than Wikipedia since the writer is responsible for the information. And finally, everyone wants to know what kids think! 

Extensive usage of visual content  
Another thing is the result of the lockdown: content boom. To stand out from the typical format of an image followed by a chunk of text, highly visual blogs are gaining popularity. Bloggers are now including these elements: stock images, screenshots, videos, charts, polls, image with slogan that is shareable on Instagram.   

Inclusion of interactive media  
Another blogging trend that is making some blogs stand out and going well with the current ecology of online learning is interactive content. Polls, links to FB and IG Live events by the blogger, and direct response to comments are just some ways of making blogs more engaging.  

People don’t just want to read, they want to download schedules, checklists, PDF files with info, study material – anything worth revisiting – even when they are offline. Educational and how to bloggers are particularly good at this.  

Kids writing for kids 
Finally, there has been a growth in tech blogs by kids for other kids. Peer learning trends are high now, and it’s reflecting in blogging too.  

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