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Top trending programming languages for kids

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Here’s a quick round up of most-learnt programming languages among school students in 2021.

Coding or programming language is an essential 20th century kids that kids should pick up.

Programming languages, or even coding one particular program is a great skill for any child to learn and develop. Here is an overview of the five most sought after programming languages for kids, going by top courses sold online in 2021.  

Python has always been a beginner’s favourite, and is selling like hot cake now. It’s written much like normal speech. One rarely has to add comments to the code because well-written Python code sounds like spoken commands that we would give if we talked to a machine. Besides, a tremendous amount can be achieved by a solo learner by simply researching and using the core Python libraries. Many typical learner’s functions come in-built in the programming, making it a hit with kids.  

Ruby is more complex than Python, but many suggest that it has the most readable syntax for beginners. It is also largely self-explanatory. This is a big help for children who are still learning the concepts of programming. Since understanding concepts is the first step to being a programmer, many coding courses use basic Ruby to get kids started.   

JavaScript is an object-oriented and procedural programming language that’s very popular, supported by many users, and native to all web browsers. JavaScript is most commonly used to make complex and interactive web applications. It’s particularly recommended for students who want to head towards web development.  

Despite the time and complexity required to learn C++, this language will provide teens with a very deep understanding of programming. This programming language requires math, so it’s better for teens. C++ can be used to create systems software, games, and a variety of other programs. 

Perfect for kids interested in creating animations, interactive stories, art or music, Scratch is a coding language that can be learned online for free. While this language is simple enough for children, there are functionalities and options for serious programmers too. Scratch is used by many kid’s coding courses to teach how to build games. It also has a strong online community of users who can mentor kids.  

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