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What is a virtual university and how does it boost students' careers? 

By Pallavi Kanungo,

In education budget 2022, proposals have been made to establish a new digital university as part of the NEP 2020.

A virtual university directly accelerates career prospects of youngsters without disrupting the learning curve.

The Covid-19 pandemic made sure that education is no longer restricted within the four-walls of a physical classroom and students of all age and standards are able to continue with their education through the digital medium. In this year’s education budget, proposals have been made to establish a new digital (virtual) university as part of the central government’s NEP 2020 initiative. The approach of this digital university is to allow students across the country gain access to quality education and personalised learning experiences from the comforts of their homes. Here’s what virtual university really means and how it benefits students’ careers.  

What is a virtual university? 
A virtual university is an online operated university that provides best quality higher educational programmes and courses. A virtual university can both be an extension of a physical university providing online courses through its official website, such as IIT Madras or a university that solely operates over the internet and offers a wide range of online courses, such as Udemy. In fact, virtual university has come to be regarded as a newer version of distance education. Thus, in layman terms, a virtual university is an online digital learning institution that uses electronic media to deliver classes and seminars and where students can earn a degree, diploma or certification.  

Benefits of a virtual university 
Gone are those days when only real brick and mortar university could give a boost to students’ careers. Here are some of its benefits. 

Offers flexibility and direct career growth 
With a virtual university, students no longer have to experience the stress related to reaching the campus on time. They can simply log in using the internet whenever they have scheduled classes from the convenient ambience of their homes. Moreover, earning an online degree appeals to students as they can also afford to finish their degrees while opting for an internship or an entry-level job and focussing on upskilling. Practical experience along with upgradation of skills widens career prospects and makes the transition from education to the professional world a lot smoother. This is how a virtual university amplifies the job opportunities of students while enabling them to enhance their skill sets without disrupting their learning curve.   

Makes learning easier 
The best part about studying in a virtual university is that not only does it advance the career of individuals but also lets students pursue a course at their own pace and time. This makes sure that the learning is holistic and detailed.   

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