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What is HyFlex teaching and why is it successful?

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

HyFlex teaching is a huge global trend. Is it only out of the fear for COVID, or something…

HyFlex is a word made up of ‘hybrid’ and ‘flexible’, referring to a form of instruction where students have the choice of attending classes remotely or physically.

COVID 19 forced most students and teachers to pivot to virtual overnight. Despite the many challenges, by now a pattern is emerging. Most students and teachers prefer a combination of online, live and recorded classes, but they want to keep the quality of education intact, and allow interaction real-time. This is one step further from hybrid learning. Enter HyFlex – an educational model that seems to be working well – and will probably stay on even after the virus leaves us.  

What is HyFlex instruction?

HyFlex is a word made up of ‘hybrid’ and ‘flexible’, referring to a form of instruction where students get to choose whether they will attend remotely or physically, and their choice does not alter the standard of instruction. In most cases, course instructors are filmed, and classes are then offered to students under the guidance of an e-moderator. The moderator, usually a teacher, simultaneously ensures that students' chat questions are addressed by the instructor and everything goes technically smooth for students everywhere. Students may attend in class, from a hostel, from home, or anywhere else.  

Why is HyFlex working well?

HyFlex has its challenges, in case of India, the lack of infrastructure and low internet connectivity being 2 major issues. But since it does seem to be working very well for millions of students worldwide, it’s worthwhile to look at the reasons behind its popularity.  

Caters to individual student requirements more 
HyFlex is more flexible than normal hybrid classes, since students are getting the quality of instruction they want at the time suitable to them and at their preferred location.  

A big help for students in difficult circumstances 
Students in remote locations, non-Metro cities, working students, and even those who wanted to study after a gap, are availing of HyFlex, preferring it to just plain online courses, and they do not anyway have access to regular in-class courses.  

Allows sick students to learn without affecting others  
With HyFlex, students don’t have to miss out when they’re sick, but not so severely as to miss important lessons or tests, nor is there any danger of affecting others.  

Good preparation for the hybrid office  
When students graduate, many will be heading towards remote office. HyFlex is good practice for college students who want to blend into this work culture.