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Why are so many teenagers creating a Finsta account for themselves?

By Tania Bagwan,

A huge number of teens are creating a second account on Instagram called Finsta. But what exactly is it?

Finstas allow teenagers take a break from the constant pressure of posting the perfect photo and instead, share the more relatable everyday aspects of their lives.

It is no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps among teenagers. Its scope has also increased immensely over the last decade. What was once an app to connect with family and friends through photos, has now become an all-encapsulating outlet for news, business, sharing knowledge, entrepreneurship, creativity, etc. However, teenagers are finding a way to avoid these new developments and create a more fun, relatable, selective and private experience for themselves. They are doing so with what are dubbed as ‘Finsta’ accounts.  

What is a “finsta” account exactly? 
Most Instagram users have a single, primary account. However, many teenagers have chosen to make an additional one which is called a ‘Finsta.’ This word is derived by combining the words “fake” and “Insta,” the short form for Instagram. Such second accounts are usually anonymous or secretive with very a carefully selected list of followers. On the Instagram app, one can choose to make their account private. This means that another user has to send a follow request and only if accepted, can the private account be viewed. All Finstas are set to the private feature, thus limiting their exposure to random users. Because of their private nature, the username is often an inside joke, a humorous reference or a nickname- anything but the user’s real name.  

Why do teens make Finstas? 
With how easily accessible private information has become on Instagram, many teens create Finstas to keep certain photos, videos and Insta stories away from public viewing. These accounts allow teens to take a break from the constant pressure of posting the perfect photo and instead, share the more relatable, funny, embarrassing, sarcastic everyday aspects of their lives with close friends.  

Should parents be worried if their teenager has a Finsta account? 
In short, no. Most teen Finsta accounts are harmless fun. In fact, they can also be beneficial as a they function as a healthy outlet for youngsters who share their thoughts and opinions in a closed group. These accounts and can actually work like an online journal or scribble board. They help teens connect with their friends in a more honest way and share a real depiction of their life, not just the best pictures from their last vacation. However, sometimes their highly selective nature can lead to breeding exclusivity amongst peers by making it very clear who is a part of the friend group and who is not. 

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