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3 practical tips for being a better dad

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Here are our suggestions on how to make fatherhood a better experience.

Connecting with other like-minded dads using the internet constructively will help you understand and learn from other fatherhood experiences.

Despite a lot of stereotypes being broken, most of parenting advice and parental aids are geared towards mothers and motherhood. Historically and traditionally, women are in charge of family and kids, while men work outside the home.  

This changed to the scenario where both parents are working. But even then, Indian dads are still a surprise for many. The lockdown has finally broken this typecast a bit, with both parents openly staying at home and caring for children. Here are our tips on being a better dad than you already are.  

Create and work as a team if you lack dad resources  
Have you seen he overwhelmingly pink and white book covers on parenting and the online articles showing proud moms with kids? Does it frustrate you? Connect with other like-minded dads instead, using the internet constructively instead complaining about the misbalance. Simply create a WhatsApp group with your friends and colleagues to begin with, where you can share fatherhood experiences, issues, and help each other. It can make babysitting, advising teens, taking out restless tweens out for a trip easier. Gather important phone numbers of local grocers, food delivery, stationary stores, and use them as your own store of local resources. Loop in other family members willing to help out. Indian aunts and grandparents are always willing to cook that quick hot meal and tell a few stories to kids while you work at the laptop and the mother is away. There’s no shame in asking for help. It just shows you care for the family. 

Learn to juggle family and career  
Offices expect moms to take the day off if they want to take their child o the doctor, prepare for board exams or even attend a class concert. Your workplace may not be just as understanding, but start making the point. Don’t feel shy about asking for a day off for your kids, and if you do, then just opt for a casual leave. To start changing mind set of colleagues and bosses, start sharing photos with your kids where you are engaged in a family activity. Instead of seeing your next leave request as an excuse, they will know the truth now. Also, try to work out shifts with colleagues in a way that suits kids’ timetables.   

Team up with your spouse for child rearing 
Divide the chores between the two of you. There are some subjects you can help with, while your spouse tackles others. Divide kids’ shopping, school visits and parent-teacher meetings in such a way that you come across clearly as an equally responsible parent, which you are, after all.