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3 Tricks that can help your kid ace remote learning in 2022

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Small but significant changes to help improve a student’s performance.

Allowing your kid to take the lead when it comes to effectively managing school work will help him inculcate responsible habits.

Sometimes making really small changes in our everyday life can create life-changing impact. Attending a certain number of remote classes from home will perhaps continue through 2022, though back-to-school moves have started everywhere. We have 3 tips, seemingly simple, but these might stabilize your kid with life-long good studying and working habits.  

Invest in a dedicated home-school desk  
Don’t we find it easier to work from home if we have a fixed desk and chair set-up, or even a favourite corner of a sofa? Having a formal yet cosy work station is crucial for creating the best learning atmosphere for kids too. If it’s not possible to dedicate a whole room or even one side of a room for a study space, a quiet corner of any room would do. We would not recommend more charming spaces like a balcony, terrace, or kitchen. These spaces are too enticing and hold distractions. Nor should the desk be facing the TV or sound system. However, try to see that it’s well-lit, and if possible, well-ventilated with a source of natural light. There should be at least 2 plug points within arm’s reach. Kids may be allowed to keep their potted plant nearby n 

Make your kids get used to, and then utilise the virtual meeting 
Whether the school prefers Google Classroom or Zoom meets, your kid already had a crash course in digital learning, much like the one we had when we joined work. With 2022 coming on, have a talk about what worked well for them with the technology, and what is still unclear. Do they like seeing themselves on screen or not? Do they prefer IM to talking? Do they need a microphone attached headset? Also check how they would like to look on camera, it matters especially with teens. Do they need a desk lamp for better lighting on the computer keyboard?  

Let your kid find the right rhythm at home  
Let kids take the lead on how they want to manage their school work, so long as they finish study goals. Trust them, that is the beginning of making them responsible for the outcome. If they need extra courses to answer a skill learning requirement, this is your chance to set up a home workshop.