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3 ways in which your school goer can take up Mandala art activities 

By Aditi Srivastava,

Mandala is said to be one of nature’s more wonderful and perfect configurations.

Back and forth mandalas, sticker mandalas and flower mandala sun catchers are the 3 popular mandala art activities worth taking up.

A mandala is a circular structure with radial symmetry, that is, the design radiates symmetrically from the centre. Flowers, trees, rings, sun etc. all are some sort of mandalas. They are used to depict fullness, totality, and infinity, and they can help us realise what exists beyond our own world. Explore these three unique mandala art activities with your kids? Read below to know more. 

Back and forth mandala drawings 

In this type of mandala, you can collaborate with your kids to create a radially symmetrical artwork using markers, pens, pencils, crayons or any other drawing tools you deem fit.  


  • Start by drawing a small circle in the middle of the page. 
  • Ask the kids to keep adding layers to that circle.  
  • Adding a circle within another along with other design elements makes it a fun and engaging activity until both the parties decide that the design is complete and perfect.  
  • Kids can also be asked to sign on these mandalas and add a message or two of their choice.  

Flower mandala suncatchers 

Didn’t we tell you that almost every other occurrence in nature resembles a mandala? Well, then why not use flowers to make one? All you need is a paper plate, contact paper (an adhesive-backed paper or paper-like product, used to line shelves, decorate surfaces, etc.) and flowers for a fun flower mandala. 


  • Begin by cutting a hole in the centre of a paper plate to create a frame for your floral suncatcher.  
  • Next, use the paper plate frame to draw a circle on the contact paper. The circle on the contact paper should be about a half an inch larger than the hole in the frame, so that it will fit the opening and stick to the plate.  
  • Make any design you want using flower petals, petal parts, and leaves. 
  • Cover the flower pattern with another circle of contact paper to protect it and keep it in place. 
  •  Punch a hole in the top of the frame and hang it with a loop of string.  
  • Then hang your floral mandala sun catcher on a bright window and done. 

Sticker mandala art 

Mandala art for children is made much more enjoyable and simple with the help of stationery store stickers. You can use them on various coloured construction paper circles cut into circles, and you can even mix the sticker art with details on some of the mandala artworks. This would be an excellent art invitation, an easy transition art activity, a mixed-age art project, or a travel art activity. 

What you’ll need 

  • Coloured cardstock paper/ Construction paper 
  • Stickers/ labels 
  • Markers 
  • Coloured pencils 


  • First, cut your paper into circles. To get precise circles, trace an upside down bowl onto construction paper. 
  • Set out the stickers and begin creating your mandala art after you have your circle-shaped paper. 
  • Apply the stickers in concentric circles.  
  • Using pens, markers, or any other drawing tools, add additional mandala details, if needed. 

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