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4 career options for budding chefs

By Tania Bagwan,

A career in culinary does not have to be restricted to cooking. Read on to learn more.

A food stylist is someone who is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of food.

Career choices related to the culinary industry are perceived inaccurately by many people. It is believed that a passion for food can translate only into a career as a chef. However, this is an erroneous assumption because in reality, the food industry is extremely diverse and vast. There are numerous avenues within the industry which go beyond being a chef. The food business has always consistently been lucrative and bustling, with opportunities galore. If your child is a food enthusiast, here are a few career options to consider. 

Food stylist

Chefs are well aware that it takes a lot of effort to make food taste delicious. However, making it look delicious is also important. A food stylist is someone who is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of food. Food stylists are high in demand when it comes to the commercial, marketing and editorial side of the food business. This is a great option for those budding food enthusiasts who have a flair for art.  

Food blogger

It is no secret that blogging has become a lucrative career option with so many brand deals and collaborations possible. However, at its most fundamental, a blog is just a place where the blogger writes about something he is passionate about. If your child loves to explore different cuisines of food and a variety of dishes, and is not afraid to take his palette on a culinary adventure and express his opinions on the same, then a career as a food blogger could suit him perfectly.  


Eating the right kind and adequate amount of food is integral to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists are certified experts who guide people on making the right food choices, and are high in demand with the rise of fitness and health industries. It is also an important job as nutritionists have the ability to change a person’s perception of food, and also the consequent relationship with food. If your child is interested in sports, fitness, health and of course, food, then a career as a nutrition could be her calling. 

Flavour chemist

Flavour chemistry is an extremely unique and exciting side of the food industry. Flavour chemists are the masterminds behind creating some of the most recognisable flavouring agents for food brands. This job is concerned with creating natural-tasting flavours out of artificial agents and/or chemically enhancing pre-existing natural flavours. If your child loves chemistry, then this would be the ideal option to explore. 

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