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4 hair care tips for your pre-teens

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Tangled up with your kids’ hair? Here are quick tips to make it more manageable.

Tie your daughter's hair or use a hair band to hold it in place.

For most parents, kids’ hair care means hours of battle with the brush or comb, enforcing oil and shampoo sessions, and asking them to comb or tie their messy mop. We have got some tips on reducing bad hair days for parents of kids under 13.  

Understand kids’ products 
Read the ingredients before you choose a product for your kid to ensure that it is age – suitable.  Kids need milder products than adults. For example, shampoos with high pH level will lead to hair breakage and damage. Choose a shampoo that cleanses the hair and keeps it soft. Avoid products that clean, but leave hair so frizzy that you need to always apply conditioner.  

Always tie your kid’s hair at bedtime 
Tie your daughter’s hair in plaits before she goes off to sleep. No clips or pins should be on the hair because that will get it into tangles, pull at the roots, and she will wake up with fallen hair on the pillow. Make the braids and ponytails loose at the base and use cloth covered rubber bands. And don’t forget to comb their hair before bedtime, whether it’s a boy or girl. Use a wide-tooth comb more often than a brush or a finely toothed comb. 

Understand chemicals  
Colouring chemicals, ironing, hot tongs, excessive curlers, and daily hair dryer are all damaging for kids’ hair. They start the adult process of dry, brittle and damaged hair too early. Consider hair styles for kids that don’t require heat and chemical treatments. Chemicals in relaxers, dyes, bleach and other hairstyling products often damage the hair, more so for kids. After your child has swum in a pool, make sure they bathe thoroughly to wash away chlorine. If your child’s hair is normal to oily, shampooing works best whenever it is dirty. 

Protect hair from pollution  
Children will step out, and it should not be discouraged. Tie their hair or use a hair band to hold it in place while they rush around. If you are travelling in an open vehicle through the city, try using a scarf, cap or hat. Kids look cute and it also protects their hair. 

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